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Notice to the community - the last several weeks have been a difficult and trying time for all of us who are interested in the fortunes of our Athletic Department in general and our football team in particular. During this time, there has been an understandable amount of frustration and venting.

Unfortunately, things have gotten out of hand relative to our usual norms here at the Swarm. Going forward, we are asking that you comply with the rules and expectations of this forum. Specifically, we have seen an unusual increase in personal and petty assaults on players, coaches and even recruits. Specific terms would include (but not limited to) "clown", "moron", "snake oil salesman", "imbecile", "criminal", and "fraudulent". The volume of these type of posts has taxed our ability to stay on top of them and none of us have the time to sift through weeks of posts looking for all posts of this nature. Going forward, we would ask that you contain your comments to things that you would say to the person of interest's face and refer back to terms of use here at the Swarm. We are not trying to discourage criticism as much as we hope to raise the level of discourse here.

If you disagree, please understand that we don't aim to serve the entire market of the GT fanbase as there are other places here on the interwebs that allow unmoderated discussion but we do want to foster healthy and spirited debate amongst likeminded fans. We feel like this board has moved away from that in recent weeks and are asking for your help in rectifying this. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

Please note:
  • A warning from a moderator is just a reminder of the community rules. It's not personal. No one other than you and the moderators know that you were warned. Please consider putting your ego aside and try to understand why the warning was given in the first place.
  • Your account may be limited and/or eventually banned if you fail to heed multiple warnings.
  • No, just because you saw JacketFan1 and TechFan2 abuse the rules does not justify your own misconduct. You are more than welcome to click the "Report" link under their posts so that our moderators can review and take any appropriate action.
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