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Three recruits for 2014 on TV today

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by LongforDodd, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. LongforDodd

    LongforDodd Helluva Engineer

    According to the AJC three of our 2014 recruits will be on TV today at 2:30PM for their team's state championship game in AA classification. All coming from the same school, Lamar County. They will have their hands full though with a talented opponent in The Lovett School. Lovett's tailback is a Vandy signee.

    Game can been seen online at http://gpb.org/sports for those out of towners. Of course those of us in state can see it through their local GPB affiliate.
  2. collegeballfan

    collegeballfan Helluva Engineer

    Good football game. Congrats to Lovett.

    Another piece of evidence that in football the team that best blocks and tackles usually wins. The Lovett OL and DL dominated the game.

    The three GT commits looked good. Good athletes that will help the Jacket defense.
  3. hdgtfan

    hdgtfan Jolly Good Fellow

    Result disappointing, good looking RB from Lovett going to Vandy, did we recruit number 10?

    GT recruits, hmmm, ok. Have not seen this team earlier but it looked somewhat like ACC vs SEC in terms of line play which was a big difference
  4. Oldgoldandwhite

    Oldgoldandwhite Helluva Engineer

    Lovett looked better coached. Hard to say only seeing one game.
  5. gtdrew

    gtdrew Banned

    What stuck out to me most about the guys I saw that we have committed is SPEED. They can run. All of 'em. Can't have too many guys with speed.
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  6. Eric

    Eric Retired Co-Founder Staff Member

    Yes we wanted Grant Haley... our coaches loved him. Good player.
  7. LongforDodd

    LongforDodd Helluva Engineer

    Florida hired the wrong Muschamp. Lovett's coach is Mike Muschamp.

    Lamar County's coach was quite successful at Tucker High School in DeKalb Co. Ga.
  8. LongforDodd

    LongforDodd Helluva Engineer

    Yes that stood out to me also. Looked like they could all be quite successful running that speed sweep alot of schools seem to run now.

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