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Discussion in 'College & Pro Sports' started by ATL1, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. ATL1

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    1. How this team is projected ahead of Tech ?
    a. losing Benard to the NFL is really gonna hurt UNC
    b. No playmakers on either side of the ball
    c. Their DLine is gonna get molly whooped
    d. Suspect play at linebacker
    e. Their Oline isn't bad, even with starting I believe 2 redshirt freshmen
    f. Their offense had USC whipped but they still couldn't put points up

    2. Fedora even tried to score a cheap touchdown at the end but Spurrier wasn't having it. Epic Fail !!

    What was concerning for me in regards to Tech is again how size does matter. UNC's line was no match for USC's OLine and they got mashed. One glaring run was when the running back was stopped in the backfield but his legs kept turning and with the help from his OLine put up a 10 yard gain on a 4th and 1. I said to myself "game over". Well get use to that Tech fans cause our line is even lighter in the bridges than UNC's !!! Miami, BYU, Clemson, and UGA are licking their chops.
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  2. IronJacket7

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    (y) way to be positive
  3. IronJacket7

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    Oh and btw we are actually a little bigger by average weight on the defensive line compared to UNC. And how many colleges have an Offensive Line like South Carolina... An average of 320lbs... Not many.
    Calm down. It will be okay.
  4. Brian Johnson

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    They are going to have a so so year. Their defense is trash and we should run for over 400 and score over 40+. Unc should not be ahead of us cuz even with our bad defense last year we still are better than unc
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  5. ATL1

    ATL1 Helluva Engineer

    Miami, UGA, & BYU all have 300'lb plus size lines.
  6. John

    John Peacekeeper Staff Member

    I thought UNC's offensive line did a decent job especially against such a hyped up defensive line(men). If anything I think the hype machine got Renner cause he looked jittery most of the game with quite a few overthrown passes.

    I think UNC played too scared from kickoff; too much dink and dunk offense. I understand they were expecting pressure but when you start offense with a screen pass to the WR for a two yard loss then a few plays later try another screen to your RB, this tells me the gameplan was to be scared from the get-go.

    UNC's defense... wow. That secondary needs a ton of work. Really dumb mistakes (not sure if it was scheme or specific players) cost them 14 points if not 21.
  7. Eric

    Eric Retired Co-Founder Staff Member

    12,734 John said is bad. That secondary is going to lead to a lot of points for us if they don't get it fixed fast.
  8. ToddM

    ToddM Guest

    I think NC should have been in the game actually. Yes the defense gave up some big plays but the biggest impact on NC's ability to score was their own play calling.

    3rd and 21, run off tackle.

    End of 3rd quarter punt while down 17 at the mid field mark

    As someone else mentioned, to many screen passes. Once you see the rush isn't what you anticipated throw some mid range to deep balls.

    Slant left, slant right, 3 yards here 5 there.

    I know the old ball coach went to the run/clock management game in the 2nd half but this could have been and should have been at least a 27-24 loss and perhaps a 42-34 win for NC.

    Playcalling killed them
  9. IronJacket7

    IronJacket7 Helluva Engineer

    Not an average of 320 though

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