This Week


Jolly Good Fellow
Augusta, GA
I've have now had 5 days to get over last weeks loss. We got beat plan and simple. However this weeks game has always been a bigger game since the schedule has come out. A win this week puts us in the driver seat to be 7-1 going into November.

I know we are all disappointed in last weeks performance but at the end of the day this team needs our support this week. We are young and despite what people have said we have talented play makers on both side of the ball. Our Fanbase constantly insinuating talent issues as an excuse every time we lose is just a slap in the face to our team and frankly doesn't do any good.

Let's all put last weeks game behind us and support this team this week. I have a good feeling about this years team and I don't think last weeks roadblock will derail our season like NDs game did last year. Stay positive folks lots of games to be played this year! As always to hell with Georgia!