This is a joke


Spoke too soon? What did the triple option have to do with today? I swear some people leave their brains in the bedroom.
I agree this is not about the triple option. Every time it's "triple option" got us beat we scored 42 points. This is about Paul not putting a complete team together. Ted roof looks like the same guy who couldn't stop woody dantzler from torching our ***


Play like absolute world beaters one half and then be so bad in the other half. If we could play a whole game like we do our better halves we can beat anyone on our schedule. If we play a whole game like we do our worst half we could get beat by 70 by anyone. This team confuses me, infuriates me and may give me a heart attack at some point during the year. They also find a way to give me hope, allow to me have fun watching the game and make me believe that if we played to our potential we can beat anyone. Just have to remind myself to breath and get a new phone cover because that thing is getting thrown around like crazy.
*At the end of the day we are 3-0 and VT looks like hot garbage as well.


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ends of the earth
Do you guys know we won? My goodness, some of you expect perfection every time out.

Our defense looks bad...and its not just the D-Line. The LBs are missing tackles and the secondary looks VERY poor in run support (and no so great in coverage either). Take away that foolish penalty by PJ Davis and this is a different game. We allowed them to build confidence and then we were playing on our heels. We need some help on defense. Perhaps a poor VT offense can make us look good.


Jolly Good Fellow
I don't think the offense is much of a problem we actually did decent at pass pro today, the defense is ridiculous,, we won't win big games with no defense