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The Culture is Real

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by bikeseat, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. bikeseat

    bikeseat GT Athlete

    Not sure if anyone follows GT FB on instagram, but they posted reflections from some of the guys who finished out their senior years. As a CPJ player and former teammate to these guys, it was quite interesting to hear their views. I spoke with a few other guys that I played with and all of us think this new culture change is going to be thoroughly refreshing to the program.

    So many people keep saying Collins is all talk or a used car salesman...that's BS. College recruiting is all about managing the emotions and needs of 17 year old kids that are pretty savvy. They see right through phony ****. Collins is not a great recruiter because of what he says or tweets or wears, but because he is selling his ability to make kids feel valued and at home at GT. For me recruiting was total BS, with shady folks at every turn, meeting CGC would have been a breath of fresh air.

    The hardest part of of a new coaching staff is getting the old staff's upper classmen to get on board. One only needs to look at Fuente (had guys trying to lose to avoid going to a bowl game) and Frost's to see how tricky that is.



  2. motynes

    motynes Helluva Engineer

    This is really refreshing and encouraging to hear. I half way follow Ole Miss cause I went to law school there, and you see their player reactions to ML being fired. Half of them are “**** Ole Miss!” Our guys have handled this coaching change as about as good as I can imagine. I am happy to hear that the mood of the team seems to be happy and what seems to be hungry.

    if you could give us some insight into the returning players. Many thanks.
  3. bke1984

    bke1984 Helluva Engineer

    I do like that the players love playing for him, and that should help recruiting for sure. But recruiting is only one facet of the game, and I don’t think many of the complaints thus far have been in that area.

    My frustrations have been more around in-game coaching. We will get better, but I wonder what our ceiling will be if we continue to make head scratching decisions in-game...especially around clock management.

    And I know I’m taking this a little out of context, but it’s a little frustrating to hear how much fun someone had going 3-9. I know it’s year one, but losing is not and should never be fun. The greatest athletes of all time tend to despise losing...almost more than they enjoy winning! Perhaps that’s one you just keep to yourself or try to phrase a little differently.
  4. gt02

    gt02 Helluva Engineer

    Good to see, especially from Cottrell. May depend on the player though. For example, from his body language, doubt we see Tobias Oliver posting one of those.
  5. bikeseat

    bikeseat GT Athlete

    It was only seniors that they were "interviewing". Dont get me started about TO...
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  6. stech81

    stech81 Helluva Engineer

    Good to hear coaching changes are hard on some players. I'm sure there are a few holdovers that are not on board. I hope those move on and don't poison the young players.
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  7. LibertyTurns

    LibertyTurns Helluva Engineer

    Not every player liked the old coach, not every player will like the new coach. Not every player will like the next coach. Hopefully this ship will turnaround and we won’t have to talk about the next coach for a good long while.
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  8. gtstinger776

    gtstinger776 Helluva Engineer

    None of them had to say that. I view it as a good thing. NC’s offensive skill set went obsolete over night with the coaching change. He would have the biggest axe to grind of anyone.
  9. RickStromFan

    RickStromFan Helluva Engineer

    Wow - that's a pretty interesting indictment of the current and previous regimes. Going 3-9 in 2019 was more fun than 2016 or 2018? The PJ locker room must've been an interesting place if going 3-9 under CGC was more fun than the 9 wins of 2016.

    Well, I hope "fun" turns into "more victories" next season. 2019 sure as heck wasn't more fun than 2016 for me.
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  10. ilovetheoption

    ilovetheoption Helluva Engineer

    Awesome post!

    One caveat, though. You're 23 or so. When you are 43 or so you are going to realize why us oldsters chuckle softly to ourselves at your notion of savvy 17 year olds.

    Still, really good post :)
  11. Augusta_Jacket

    Augusta_Jacket Helluva Engineer

    That's probably reading more into these statements than what's meant by the players. These three saw limited PT in 2016 as RS-Fr. I imagine that getting more meaningful PT as RS-Sr's would be more fun.

    Now, in defense of CGC, I do believe he has done a great job of emphasizing the family/team aspect, and his personality is a polar opposite of CPJ, which a lot of players, even ones who loved CPJ, are going to find very attractive. CGC is far more personable in his demeanor and that is a great thing for us as we transition. Had we gotten a notorious grouch ala Saban, I doubt we'd be complaining if some of the players weren't as thrilled because we'd expect better to come soon.

    I am excited that the players are "buying in" so to speak, but it's also easy to trot out three opinions as proof when we know there are also some unhappy players on the roster right now. At least, we had better hope there are, because if everyone is happy and bought in, then we have either over recruited or else CGC is going to have to push perfectly happy and bought in athletes out the door, which doesn't say much for the whole "family" schtick.
  12. tmhunter52

    tmhunter52 Helluva Engineer

    I am guessing there are people wondering how Saban could put 12 men on the field versus Auburn when the game was hanging in the balance.
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  13. LibertyTurns

    LibertyTurns Helluva Engineer

    That was one pissed off man. He got way too much staff help to screw up like that. Someone paid with their job on Saturday.
  14. True2GT

    True2GT Jolly Good Fellow

    Culture is ok, recruiting getting better, now we need some better in game coaching for next season and things will improve hopefully.
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  15. BainbridgeJacket

    BainbridgeJacket Helluva Engineer

    Please do
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  16. RickStromFan

    RickStromFan Helluva Engineer

    Agreed. I'd rather have an Unhappy Family competing for the Coastal than a Happy Family looking forward to the short-bus ride to mediocrity.
  17. LibertyTurns

    LibertyTurns Helluva Engineer

    All the hand wringing on here is amazing. What are the Seniors supposed to say “this was the worst, most horrible experience I ever had in my life?”

    They’ve likely finished their athletic careers, are graduating GT and looking forward to a good job, etc. They have no more practices, just school work and party time. It should be one of the best times in their life.

    Let the kids have a positive experience and not turn their twits into a loyalty test. Please.
  18. GTrob21

    GTrob21 Helluva Engineer

    Love this and love the new direction and culture! There are bright days ahead for GT.
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  19. stech81

    stech81 Helluva Engineer

    Reminds me when my son was playing Pop Warner football at 6 . The coach sent a player in with a play , next play he sent another player in with a play, he also did it on the 3rd play. The referee stopped the game after the 3th play came over to the coach and said coach before the next play you really need to come and get a few players off the field you now have 14 out there.
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  20. Jacket05

    Jacket05 Helluva Engineer

    Well as Saban stated, it was completely "unfair" of Auburn to line their punter up at the wide receiver position to confuse him. You would think that the refs would have waited until Saban could get it all figured out before allowing Auburn to snap the ball, or else why would he pay them so much.


    It reminded me of the Bey-Bey touchdown on the fake FG where CPJ left the offense on the field til the last minute and then got Bey-Bey alone along the sideline in the confusion of swapping the field goal unit the last second.

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