The "Banned" of the forum section that shall not be spoken

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Since we don't really know how many posters have banished from the Political forum, I thought it would be a good idea to provide a thread for those who are willing to reveal that they are among the banned. If enough of the banned are willing to come forward, we can also probably get a good idea of how even handed the mods have been in handing down banishments since both sides of the aisle were giving as good as they got in the early days of the forum.

There is no need to discuss politics at all in this thread. Only post if you wish to reveal that you are one of the Bannished.

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Just adding a little moderator note here. There's been a total of five users that got themselves banned from the political topics forum. And we are noticing these four continue to try to inject their political agenda in the lounge. We are internally discussing whether or not we should go ahead and permanently ban them from this community as most of them have more than 10 warnings accumulated over the course of their accounts at GT Swarm and frankly that just tells me they have no regard for what GT Swarm is for. They may be in for a shock if they continue to subvert the rules.

I am confused, why are people being banned from the political forum? I thought that was the forum you went to where you could be more open.
There's a thread pinned to to top of the lounge that goes into detail about how to get gain access and how to maintain access.
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