The 25 Most Successful College Football Programs Of The BCS Era

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  2. Blumpkin Souffle

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    Made the list because we've been in a bowl game every year of the BCS era.

    Ugh did not realize we were 5-11 in bowl games during that period. :banghead:
  3. IronJacket7

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    Yep. We are definitely consistent.
  4. techman78

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    I like many other Tech fans would love to see more marqui wins over rival schools and bowl games but the records speak for theirselves. Even with our recruiting issues throughout the years we still win ballgames. 17 consecutive bowl games is hard to ignore. I know a lot of people will say "anyone can make a bowl game now, there's 35 to choose from" well thats true but only 2 other teams currently hold longer bowl streaks than us and they have the same bowl oppurtunity that we do. Hope to get back to a better bowl next season and win it!
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  5. biggtfan

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    Surprising that one school that many hold up as an example of how you win AND have great academics is missing from the list - Stanford. Their success has all come since the eased up on their admission requirements (and landing an NFL-caliber QB).
  6. dressedcheeseside

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    As much as we grad love to bask in the glory of our alma mater's academic reputation, it pales in comparison to Stanford's. Stanford is the mecca for smart kids and Harbaugh turned it into a mecca for a niche recruit: the nerd blue chip athlete. We wish we could do the same, but we can't. Stanford's draw is national and broad. Our draw is international more than it's national and it's limited in it's focus. Too bad they don't play american football in India or China or we'd be a powerhouse.
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  7. Jean-Baptiste Rochambeau

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    I disagree that we "pale" in comparison. We trump them mightily in engineering. Overall, I concede. But we should be able to be better in football without sacrificing academics.
  8. forensicbuzz

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    Stanford is #2 in Engineering, we're #5. (both undergraduate and graduate)
  9. dressedcheeseside

    dressedcheeseside Helluva Engineer

    See post above. Also, if you were to survey every high school class valedictorian across the US, I bet 95% would choose a Stanford scholly over one from GT. Right now they have stronger academics and football and we're going after many of the same guys. You do the math.
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