Temple Post Game


Ramblin' Wreck
Believe it or not offense exceeded my expectations. I was expecting temple to shut us out easily but we actually made it down the field and were unlucky not to score.
Agree. Thought the offense didn't look that awful but turnovers were obviously a problem and our OL was dominated.

The biggest problem I see is that the DLs our OL has to face only get tougher from here. There won't be any more Citadel front 7s to go up against (whom we still only had really a 50/50 game against).


Jolly Good Fellow
Some of y'all that want to give up, go ahead. Don't want to see you in a few years when it gets good.

I'vee spoken my mind about P-node, but I believe in CGC. What we've seen so far has been abysmal, but the guy will turn it around. First order of business is to find a legitimate O line and QB. Graham could be the QB. I know there will be negativity, even some from me, but man this will be a long season, so let's sit back with no expectations and just enjoy the little things this season. Support the players, BE AT THE GAMES. Fan support can literally determine if we bounce back or not.


Jolly Good Fellow
Nothing "pro style" about this O. I know it's hard to replace the 3O, but there is struggling to adjust, and then 100 levels lower is where we're at.


Georgia Tech Fan
Brown and Camp were fun to watch, thought they did well. Graham showed flashes of passing ability but at the moment I would guess the position will still be up for grabs next year - even aside from the ATL silliness.

Cottrell showed he probably shouldn't be on the field anymore.

I wonder how Tobias would look as RB1.


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Well, silver linings...

We remain near the top of the NCAA in fewest penalties and no dumb dead ball penalties today. Lot of hot takes about the new culture's affect on penalties last week. Hopefully those folks are as loud this week.

As I said previously we'd have been an underdog at Temple last year. We were certainly bigger dogs this week based on the transition and what we showed so far this year. If we played cleaner with the football, we cover and have a game.

I like what I saw out of the O. I think we are challenged no matter what we try to do if we can't block. For every glimmer of "good arm" or "good option read" we showed "INT/overthrow" and "stuffed in the backfield". Really hard when you can't block, but I felt there was progress this week.

GT 18 first downs, Temple 17 first downs
GT 305 yards offense, Temple 322 yards offense

AE 87

Helluva Engineer
Of the last 5 FBS coaches to return to play against their former team in their first year, CGC is the only one not to win.

I think I heard during the game that 1987 FSU was the last team to hold GT to fewer than 3 pts. 1987 FSU was a better team than 2019 Temple.