Stupidity of Coaches

Rodney Kent

Ramblin' Wreck
McDonough, GA
It seems over and over the coaches put their players in a position to lose instead of win. I don't care how much or how little time is left in the game, it is a demonstration of stupidity for a coach to have his offense wait until there is only 10 seconds left on the shot clock to start a play for a shot.

Over and over, the team waits until 10 seconds on the shot clock and then the defenses stiffens and the offensive team either steals the ball or causes the offensive player to take very bad shots. If I were coaching, I would want my players to start the play as soon as they get across half court. It not only gives them a beter chance to get a good shot, it also catches the defense before they can get set and use up the shot clock time available for the offense.

It also allows both teams to be able to get more shots in the game which helps a good shooting team more time to get in a rhythm. Waiting until 10 seconds left on the shot clock before starting the offense is dumb, dumb, dumb!


Georgia Tech Fan
One of my pet peeves, if one guy dribbles to the 5 second mark he is going to take the shot and it is easy to defend. Take the shot at 10 seconds or so.