Status on Chandler Simpson?


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Does anyone know if he is OK? And when can he get back on the field?
We rarely see any specifics on injuries (see Deleo). Not sure if it is a HIPA thing or just not wanting to share anything with the opposition. All I can say is Chandler, if you are reading this, there are a WHOLE LOT of us fans that wish you well and hope it is nothing serious because we can't wait to see you back out on the field. That goes for you too Jake. And Jackson Finley I sure hope we can see you back on the mound before this season is over. Go Jackets!


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Hopefully this link works. ...but for you coach speak sleuths, what do you make of CDH discussing the plan on D today to replace Simpson? My take is he could be out for awhile. CDH is never forthcoming on status or projections for injured players. But I think he'd say he's close to returning if he were.

That's based on nothing. 100% speculation... & preparing myself for the "bad" scenario.

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Yeah, I was concerned as well when I heard him speak post-game about Simpson. Let's hope he is just planning for the worst "just in case".