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Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by Eric, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. Eric

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    One OLB spot is locked up by longtime start Quayshawn Nealy...The SLB is open due to the graduation of Brandon Watts.

    Competitors - Paul Davis, Tyler Marcordes and Marcus Allen

    Favored - Tyler Marcordes

    Starting off with my leader Tyler Marcordes...I think most fans remember Tyler and the poor game he had against MTSU a couple of years ago...which a large put of that was not his fault. He seemed to bounce back last year and actually impressed me when I watched him...He is a big kid at 6'4 and in the 230's. He made a big leap from his Freshman season to his Sophomore year...Hope he continues to get better. I think we have a good battle here.

    I mean really who can't get excited when talking about Paul Davis...The kid plays like his hair is on fire every play. He is always making a effort play and just has a nose for the football....it doesn't matter what side of the field the ball is on you will usually see #40 near the end of the play. He hits with a thud and really likes to play physical...I knew he would be good but putting up 41 and being 8th on the team in tackles as a backup is pretty good numbers. I love watching the kid when he is on the field....Of course the only knock on him is his height and that hurting him in pass coverage.

    The last one on the list is Marcus Allen..To be honest I forgot all about Marcus until I looked at the depth chart. I have not heard much from him in his two years at Tech...his first year he was at RB but he made the switch over to LB last season...he recorded two tackles all season and that was against A&M..he was really raw coming into Tech so I am sure he has had a lot of adjustment the last few seasons. He has decent size and can move well....we will see where he is at come Spring.

    Prediction - Paul Davis

    My original projection was Marcordes but I just can't pick against Davis.
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  2. ATL1

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    I'm going on the limb and say Marcordes ...
    Why not ??
    Nah. Paul made plays whenever he was on the field I wouldn't mind looking at him as safety in some sets.
    Truly a case of size not mattering.
    Paul Davis
  3. dressedcheeseside

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    PJ Davis, the Robbie Godhigh of the defense.
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  4. Jerry the Jacket

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    I think Paul Davis will emerge as the starter here. Marcodes has improved and will get a lot of playing time. As for Marcus Allen, I doubt we see much of him. He just has not made an impact as of yet and after two years in the program, it does not bode well for his future as a contributor before his career ends. I hope he is but for now he is the Chaz Cheeks of the linebacker corps. I think Terrrell Lewis will get a look but most likely redshirt. If Beau Hankins comes on he may get a look at this spot as well. Tremayne McNair is still out there but seems destined to finish his career as an occassional special teams. player.

    Go Jackets!

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