Spring Game Video of Some of My Favorite Moments


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Tough and Zack...

Byerly Runs the Option

Byerly moves the Pile 5 Yards

Zach has After Burners
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Great videos but there was one play by Shaq Mason that blew me away, he absolutely took the d lineman and put him on his back! Monster pancake! That and Smelter's block! :ROFLMAO: head on a swivel guys!


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I really like Tim Byerly. I was very impressed by what I saw from him, much more than I expected to be. To me, he's already Tevin Washington level... but better running with it because he's more of a bull. Reminds me a bit of a cross between Nesbitt and Washington. I really like his touch on passes as well, even with pressure coming, he's able to lay it in there. That kid just looked like he's a winner. Feel very good with him in there and wouldn't have said that before watching him yesterday. He changed my mind.

I'm very pleased with Laskey. I always thought he was better than Sims. I think he's just a more natural runner, better balance, vision, speed. Donovan Wilson also looked to me like he belongs on the field somewhere. I hope we get him in at AB if he's stuck behind Custis and whoever else his whole career at BB. Did I miss Custis??

Zenon is a good runner, and I've always thought that. He's pretty natural at maximizing the yardage available to him. He's not going to Robby Godhigh folks though in breaking through tackles, but he also won't be running into his own blockers. Still not impressed with Bostic as a runner.

Feel better about our OL. But, our DL doesn't have a superstar on it like some of the ones we'll face, I'm sure. What will that do to our offensive production?

I like what I see from Ty Griffin and Matthew Jordan. We have a high floor and nice ceiling at QB for a while. Ole #4 (can't recall name) is a deceptively good athlete in there too, isn't he.

Didn't see as much from Marcordes as I was expecting, but didn't watch him religiously either. Paul Davis just makes his presence felt. Wondering if we've got the most productive folks in our starting lineup for that reason.

Smelter is still a stud, obviously

Still think we're going to miss Godhigh a bunch, but will make up for it at other positions.


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Thanks for the videos! :)