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Speaking of recruiting Virginia

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by ATL1, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. ATL1

    ATL1 Helluva Engineer

    5 Commits
    2 5*
    3 4*

    Small class but geez ...
    With Tenuta on board they could be interesting...
  2. ramblinvak

    ramblinvak Helluva Engineer

    I know man! those are enough play makers right there that if you rounded out the rest of you class with 2 and 3 start players, you will still be set for an incredible class
  3. AE 87

    AE 87 Helluva Engineer


    And I'm pretty sure that Tenuta is not a big CPJ fan. Not only did CPJ get the job, but he made a harsh comment about losing to Fresno in Boise or something like that.
  4. SoCal_GT_Fan

    SoCal_GT_Fan Ramblin' Wreck

    It'll be just like their incredible 2002 recruiting class (check that class out and the number of 4-star/5-star recruits) which won so many games....... Oh wait. No, this is UVA we are talking about... Reminds me of that Colin Cowherd rant about UVA. and .
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  5. ATL1

    ATL1 Helluva Engineer

    Ga Tech fans wear suits and bow ties .... whistles
  6. OldJacketFan

    OldJacketFan Helluva Engineer

    It'll be interesting to see if UVA can hold those recruits if they go 4-8 again this year.

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