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something positive, mental exercise

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by BTGT, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. BTGT

    BTGT Jolly Good Fellow

    Since we've had a good dose of poor news, I'll pose a question to get some positive thinking going. In what game, and in what way do you think some of the GT players will have a break-out or defining moment this season?

    Game 4 vs. Virginia Tech. JT will break a 40 yd go ahead TD run against Foster's defense, GT wins close 24-20. JT will end our poor play against VT and rush for over 100 yds and pass for over 150. He'll have one turnover that does not lead to points.
    Game 5 vs. Miami - they shut down in the inside, Michael Summers shows his value with a long TD reception, 115 yds receiving for the game.
    Game 6 vs. Duke - Laskey goes for 150 and 2 TDs as offense puts up 425 yds rushing. Which is unusual since we seem to pass better on Duke than run consistently
    Game 11 vs. Clemson, defense shines. Gotsis forces a fumble, a young db gets an important pick. a great game down to the wire
    Game 12 vs. UGA - ??? Never can tell against the Dwags

    At some point, Smelter will do something special. Maybe the kicker will have a big kick. Who else will do something special?
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  2. 00Burdell

    00Burdell Helluva Engineer

    No one has bolted in the last 24 hours so I'm happy.

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  3. AlabamaBuzz

    AlabamaBuzz Helluva Engineer

    Do we have 22 guys left? :)
  4. Bigb

    Bigb Helluva Engineer

    Only really need 11
  5. cyptomcat

    cyptomcat Helluva Engineer

    Is this like therapy?
  6. RLR

    RLR Helluva Engineer

    Had one of those days where it felt like everything in the universe was stacked against me. After 30 minutes of sitting still in Friday rush hour on the connector, I asked myself could this day get any worse. Then I looked up and noticed the license plate in front of me (pictured below). At the same time, T.I.'s "Live your life" came on my Ipod. For those unfamiliar with the song, it begins with, "Stop looking at what you ain't got / start being thankful for what you do got".

    What else could I do but laugh? The timing of it all made me step back and realize how foolish and unnecessary it is to brood over the past - be it the loss of 3 more players from my favorite football team or the trivial tribulations I ran into earlier today. Also, seeing that license plate reminded me that Anthony, Myles, and Ms. Autry are human beings. In the grand scheme of things, we GT fans should not be grieving for the team. Life goes on for us, next man up. There's so much more to this team and our fan hood than the individual players. That said, I hope all the people directly impacted by this week's news emerge from this setback as better people. Lord knows this world can use more good people.

    Keeping with the nature of this thread + T.I.'s advice, I'd like to list 10 GT related things that i'm currently thankful for:
    1. This website. Eric, I have no idea who you are, why you created this site, or why you spend so much of your time giving us free information. But, I greatly respect you for doing it. It's such a blessing to have a place to discuss GT athletics with other fans, formers players, players' parents, alumni old & young. I wish I had more to offer you than my sincere thanks.
    2. Shamire Devine. I love that the kid is weird/true to himself. It's refreshing. Glad to hear that he's working hard this off season and losing weight. At 6'7, is there a player with a higher ceiling ;)
    3. Justin Thomas. He turned downed the most prestigious/draftable position in college football (DB for Nick Saban) to play QB at GT. The most highly recruited player on our team and yet he doesn't seem to be a kid who demands the spotlight. His demeanor reminds me of Nesbit, which makes sense - why talk the talk when can "walk" 40 yards in 4.3 seconds
    4. TB for giving JT a real battle for the starting QB job... and giving it to him as a non-scholarship player
    5. Zach Laskey. What more could you ask from this kid on or off the field?
    6. Deandre Smelter & Gotsis for seamlessly developing into American Football stars at key positions for GT.
    7. JHD for walking on and playing scout team this year. I'm pulling for you, kid. Overcome this adversity and emerge a better teammate and man.
    8. Kallon and Marcus Allen. Sure, these guys have not lived up to expectations on the field, but at least they are making the most of their scholarships and excelling in the classroom. Win, loose, or draw I'll never root against a kid who genuinely tries bettering himself through education.
    9. Calvin Johnson.
    10. The Institute. because if GT didn't exist, in-state residents would have to pay Emory $50,000 a year in order to receive a post-secondary education in GA...
    Happy Friday!

  7. OldJacketFan

    OldJacketFan Helluva Engineer

    What a great post, thank you!! :)
  8. YJAlleyCat

    YJAlleyCat Helluva Engineer

    RLR, great post, and great perspective! Thanks for putting a smile on my face.
  9. Yoda

    Yoda Helluva Engineer

  10. jwsavhGT

    jwsavhGT Moderator Staff Member

    Thank you.
  11. Sean311

    Sean311 Helluva Engineer

    I'm ready for training camp to start so I can go see JT actually play. I honestly think Zenon is going to have a good year
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  12. techman78

    techman78 Helluva Engineer

    I want Synjyn Days to break out this season. I met him in Nashville and he is one of the friendliest people that I've ever met. He has so much talent too. Really hope he breaks out this season and gets a chance to play on Sunday's while of course helping to lead our jackets to 10+ wins.
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  13. Northeast Stinger

    Northeast Stinger Helluva Engineer

  14. Nook Su Kow

    Nook Su Kow Helluva Engineer

    This is positive as I have been dranking bourbon, but even sober this is the best damn Tech site hands down. OUT
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  15. dressedcheeseside

    dressedcheeseside Helluva Engineer

    Surprised nobody mentioned the Golden child yet. He's good for one or two game winning kick returns. I'd also bet Butkicker wins us a game, too.
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  16. Leonard Larramore

    Leonard Larramore Helluva Engineer

    Lynn Griffin returns and redeems himself. Big pick against VT. One thing I totally forgot was Lynn had two big Kickoff returns last year. One to turn the game around against Virginia and the longest return against Miami. Only returned 8 kicks but had a pretty good average. DJ White is going to redeem himself against Clemson. Locking down anyone willing to line up against him. JT is going to make some plays. He will mature this year. Though the defense lost a few players there seem to be a little swag.

    I still feel something special about this season. I am not being facetious. There is a different vibe. Not like the other couple years where there was unity in front of the camera and decision behind the scenes. I even see former players more involved. Just my hunch guys.
  17. Nook Su Kow

    Nook Su Kow Helluva Engineer

    Big fan of DJ White. Think he he has a solid year
  18. Boomergump

    Boomergump Moderator Staff Member

    I just think this is going to be a very exciting team to watch. There will be ups and downs, for sure, but it won't be like watching paint dry. If JT wins the QB job, especially, it won't be dull. The pedal will be pushed to the metal pretty much all of the time. Lots of potential for big plays...............(I'll let you fill in the rest)
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