Site changes coming today


Staff member
The backbone of GT Swarm will always be the community aspect and our insightful and (hopefully) friendly discussions as GT fans. However, we have also wanted to become a site that could provide comprehensive coverage of Georgia Tech and its athletics programs as a news portal. We expect to be able to make that leap later today so there will be some changes coming to the site.

The home page at will be transformed over into a portal listing news articles, editorials, photos, as well as community-started featured threads that are selected by the staff.

If you have the site bookmarked in your browser and you would like to continue accessing the community forums section directly, please update your bookmark to this URL:

Lastly, there may be some glitches and issues while we make this transition so we will be making some tweaks and adjustments to how the new home page looks within the next couple of days.

Thank you for your patience and also for your continued support!

PS. We are still looking for more volunteer staff writers. ;)