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Wrong again. Do you even look at their roster turnover before such nonsense replies?
Poor guy.. I didn’t realize you have such high roster turnover middle of the season when DJ played for Trevor.. the same team DJ lost to, Trevor beat soundly.

Better quarterback play, generates better defense play as well.


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Do coaches just not fundamentally like Yates? I feel like he’s done good for us in each of his outings. No disrespect to Sims, but the same can’t be said for him

What? He w had 4 out of 5 drives against UNC be 3 play drives. And I wouldn't call going without a TD "good" regardless of the opponent.

It's not that they dislike Yates. It's that Sims can make the plays we need to win. Yates can't. It's really that simple.


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Another overreaction to Sims interceptions. Walk it back. I’m sure there is more to them sticking with him than fan conjecture and knee jerk reactions thinking the backup QB is the perpetual savior of football teams.
Maybe a little bit, but he has a very bad habit of turning the ball over. At some point ball security has to outweigh potential.

I hope he learns. Maybe it’s coaching. Under a different coach he could be the “next” Joe Hamilton??


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Sims has basically played one full season (10 games in 2020, 3 full games in 2021).

You can see the big play potential, but he also has his "WTF was that?!" moments. This is what you get with young QBs. What you want to see is progress each game. Sure there are some two steps forward, one step back games, but that's natural with young players. If you can't see his ceiling and what this team can be once he gets a full compliment of help (looking at you OL 👀), then close your eyes this year. Sims will be a top QB soon that can throw a 60 yard TD one drive, and take it to the house on 50 yard run the next drive. We're going to have some ugly moment until then, but those will become less and less as he plays more games.