Interview Signee Recap Interview - Michael Preddy


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Q: How has your training been going?

A: It's been going great! However, because of a foot injury I haven't been able to do much speed and agility training. I have to get surgery April 15th and I'm expected to be out a couple of months"

Q: Current height and weight?

A: 6'4 255

Q: Any goals while at GT?

A: I plan on coming into GT ready to learn and work hard. My main goal is to contribute to the best of my abilities on and off the field.

Q: How do you feel about playing OL?

A: I am ready and willing to put in the work as an OL in order to help the team as much as possible.

Q: Favorite part of recruiting?

A: My favorite part was when it was over! Lol but I enjoyed the official visit the most because I got to meet with some of my future teammates

Q: Any funny stories or anything that stuck out to you during your recruitment?

A: The first time that I ever talked to Coach Paul Johnson on the phone it ended pretty soon because he called me 10 seconds right before I went through a car wash so I was trying to talk to him while I was going through the car wash but that didn't work out at all haha.

Q: What was it like telling the coaches that you were committing to them?

A: I was very nervous about committing but once the words came out of my mouth to Coach Lamar I felt great relief. I always had a great feeling about Georgia Tech and once I was finally committed it felt awesome!

Q: What did your Mom think of GT?

A: My mom absolutely loved GT! She is a school teacher who has always stressed the importance of academics on my life.Therefore, Georgia Tech's great academics aligned perfectly with her goals for my college education and she put GT above all the other schools.

Q: Any idea on a major?

A: I'm going to major in Business.

Q: Is your Mom still planning to move to Atlanta?

A: Yes sir my mom is still moving to Atlanta.

Q: How does it feel to have a Mom that supportive of you?

A: My Mom is my biggest fan and my biggest supporter she's been to every single one of my games ever since I was a kid! I knew that going to Atlanta would not stop my mom from attending my games and supporting me, I am very proud to be able to continue performing in front of her.

Q: Any teams you look forward to facing? I know the SC kids usually hate Clemson especially if they didnt offer.

A: Yea Clemson! My old teammate Stanton Seckinger who graduated from my school after my freshman year is the starting tight end for them and it would awesome playing against him at the next level.

Q: Any last message for GT nation?

A: Preddy is ready!