Interview Signee Recap Interview - Antonio Simmons


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Q: How is your training going?

A: It's going great actually getting better and better each day.

Q: What kind of workouts are you doing?

A: workout twice a day I do weight training in the afternoon and do speed , agility and technique at night.

Q: Still coming in at DE?

A: Yes I haven't heard anything different.

Q: Any goals once you get to GT?

A: To hopefully be a impact on the DE's and be the best defense in the country and lead team to ACC championship.

Q: Looking back on recruiting, what would you say was your favorite part of it?

A: The official visit meeting all the recruits and some of the players.

Q: Any message you would like to give the GT nation?

A: I think I'm underrated and everyone think I'm too little, but im going to make a big impact once I get there and change a lot. Sacking the QB will be fun at Bobby Dodd Stadium.


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Atlanta, Georgia
Love guys with a chip on their shoulder. We seem to do well with those types. Can't wait to watch this player develop over the years, he seems like a good guy.


Helluva Engineer
Guy was a Parade All American Honoree and Defensive Player of the Year...
Really interested in his development.