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Shoutout to Anthony Allen @Ant_Allen

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by John, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. John

    John Peacekeeper Staff Member

    So I was casually looking over (aka stalking?) the twitter timeline for the @GT_Swarm twitter account because I've been trying to follow all accounts related to "official" GT accounts including former and current GT players and I ran into these twitter conversations between our former B-Back and our current players:

    It's awesome when former players come back to Tech. Whether it be just going to a game to cheer from the sidelines, just dropping by, or practicing/helping the younger guys out.
  2. ramblin_man

    ramblin_man Helluva Engineer

    Nice to see him reaching out to the players....Nice and positive thing to do with down time from the league.
  3. PowderSpringsJacket88

    PowderSpringsJacket88 Helluva Engineer Retired Staff

    Loved ANT's energy. Just a positive guy always..
  4. GTJason

    GTJason Helluva Engineer

    It'd be really convenient if he's there for camp this weekend with that shiny new superbowl ring
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  5. cyptomcat

    cyptomcat Helluva Engineer

    wow that is awesome, Anthony is actually from Florida, so it's great that he is spending some time here in Atlanta!
  6. ramblinvak

    ramblinvak Helluva Engineer

    I was listening to the radio the other day and they praised CPJ on having an open door policy for previous players whether that means to work out or just to watch practice, which I think is really cool! The radio host also slammed on Derek Dooley for having a closed door policy when he was at Tennessee and requiring all players to call in advance and have it approved by him. Having previous players come in and share their experience can only help, especially if they are Super Bowl winning NFL players haha

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