Should the Fire Geoff Collins thread be locked?

Should the Fire Geoff Collins thread be locked?

  • No - leave it as is

    Votes: 91 48.9%
  • Yes - lock it temporarily

    Votes: 33 17.7%
  • Yes - lock it permanently

    Votes: 62 33.3%

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Ramblin' Wreck
i think the issue is that barring any unforeseen extracurricular activity collins is here next year. the thread is just obnoxiously front and center all the time and it’s basically gonna be 8 months of non stop bitching and whining when really nothing can be changed one way or the other

the discussion is dead and just rehashes the same points every few days like a cycle. at this point it’s done nothing but get people more toxic and angry. i would say it’s nice to have one consolidated thread of collins complainers but i don’t see the point when there’s snarky fire collins comments in literally every thread regardless

idk if locking it permanently or locking it temporarily is better. i’m sure after one loss next year the same sentiment will arrive again, but there’s really no need for that thread anymore for offseason


Helluva Engineer
If you are going to lock that thread, which is not breaking any rules that I know of and is a legitimate discussion given the results of the current regime then you should just ban all forms of discussion about replacing coaches going forward. What is the point in closing that thread if people can post the same things in other threads causing almost certain derails?


Helluva Engineer
I'd say lock it. It's definitely run it's course, and the things in the thread is a lot less discussion/debate and more nonsensical banter. Threads were getting derailed way back when this message board was first started and they will continue long after the Fire Geoff Collins thread is locked or fades away.

Northeast Stinger

Helluva Engineer
I honestly don’t care one way or the other.

I think part of the problem is that football fans like to discuss football and the last season left an empty place that is hard to fill. Usually fans can relive old exploits and victories while looking forward with optimism to a new season. There’s not much positive material for the usual fan
off-season processing. “Fire Collins” is more a symbolic thread for football angst than it is an actual desire to fire anyone. 99% of fans want Collins to succeed. But attempts to defend him unnecessarily are in themselves a trigger for fans trying to process 3 years of “nothing worth talking about.”

If I had a suggestion it would be to figure out how to boost the transfer discussion. That feels to me like the only area with fresh material that at least has a twinge of “hope springs eternal.”


Helluva Engineer
Blind optimism does no good. Not in fandom, not in life. If people are coming to this board and getting triggered by a thread that says fire a coach that has had 3 3 win seasons they need to really wake up and smell the actual coffee.

I am not for locking threads that are speaking on a football topic on a football forum no matter the topic. We never locked any threads complaining about the option. And i doubt if this board had existed we would have locked threads complaining about gailaise. I also wonder what a thread would have looked like when o'leary pulled his BS. I bet it would have been more toxic than anything in that thread.


Jolly Good Fellow
Evergreen, CO
While I agree that the discussion in that thread is circular at best, I understand the position of those who are contributing to it. The current head coach's results don't just speak for themselves - they're bad enough to warrant discussion.

It's my thought that the thread will run its course, and then will surge up again after the first loss (which I hope will occur well into the season, or not at all). The post remaining there, and its resurgence, is something that likely should happen. The past 3 years are what they are. They can't be changed; we all just have to deal with them in whatever way we can. Forced positivity by censoring that thread won't get us anywhere further.

If the thread starts breaking the site's already-established rules, that's another question.

That being said, I do hope that the talk on that thread peters out and we move forward now that everyone has had a chance to vent. But it should remain open. Frustration without an escape valve is like a pressure cooker - which in my opinion is worse than what we have currently.

One more thing - I remember a few years back watching the GT-Miami game at Miami on TV and seeing a plane trailing the message "Fire Al Golden." I believe it flew at every Miami home game that year, and possibly some of the away games. To me, that is something that reflects poorly on a fanbase. A thread on a message board is very small by comparison, and easily ignored (especially when any major article about coaches on the "hot seat" mention Geoff Collins, and any article that discusses GT's current state of football also mentions him being on the "hot seat").

Yes, some recruits may stumble onto the thread - but I think we overestimate how many recruits are trolling the internet looking for message boards about their team prospects. Some recruits' parents might stumble onto it as well - but I think we underestimate the parents of gifted athletes' ability to look past criticism. If they've been the parent to an amazing athlete for 18 years, they are no stranger to criticism, and while it may give them pause to read the thread, I think if they come in and look at where the discussion has gone, they'll see that the vast majority of what they're reading shows that the fans are dedicated, and would love to see CGC to succeed. We're almost universally frustrated with the losses, and the nature of those losses, and we hope it will change. And when those losses pile up, we want to call it out and discuss ways to change it - one of which is changing staff. As much as I dislike some of the heels-dug-in rhetoric in that thread, to prevent that topic of discussion is counter to the nature of discussion boards.


Helluva Engineer
Assuming that posters on this forum lack access, power or influence with the GTAA powers-that-be, I am curious what course of action is recommended for Tech supporters to express their dissatisfaction with the Collins HC experiment? Just shut up, go away and choose another college to support? Quit going to games or donating until Collins is gone and things change? Just express optimistic euphemisms of brighter days ahead when they really have no such belief under the current head coach? Go to games, but wear paper bags over their heads and boo at bad coaching decisions? There may be other and better options to venting and letting off steam on a fan forum like this. Suggestions?


Jolly Good Fellow
Or how tired people are of reading the same few fonts drone on and on.
When a post has over 300 pages, the info becomes very repetitive. I would say lock it down until the 2022 season starts. At that point people have new info to talk about such as the effect of the new coaches, ability to perform (and not get blown out) by Clemson, Ole Miss and maybe UCF. But I would prefer to wait until people have new facts to comment about and not relive the last 3 years for another 300 pages. If people haven't gotten out their frustration with over 300 pages of comments, I don't anything else they post is going to change that.

Randy Carson

Jolly Good Fellow
Tech News is now prepared to call the results of Proposition 1, the so-called "Lock the Fire Geoff Collins Thread" ballot initiative. While not all precincts have finished counting, based on exit polling it appears that locking the thread WILL PASS.

Barring a sudden, late-night suspension of counting and the unexpected arrival of a large number unsigned mail-in ballots, Lock the Thread appears headed to a landslide victory.

This is a great mid-term result for the embattled administration which has seen support eroding in recent months causing significant changes in personnel and policy.