Interview Short interview with Jimmy Bayes


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Q: How did you Georgia Tech visit go?

A: It went okay, but now that I am in Florida it is time to get my high school back to the state championship.

Q: What schools are you considering?

A: I haven't really thought about it. I am just trying to leave high school with a bang.

Q: How do you feel your team is performing?

A: We had a two game slump, but made a great six game winning streak. Our offense has came around but the special teams and the defense is our strong point.

Q: What position are you playing?

A: Outside linebacker.

Q: Where do you think you project best at?

A: Outside linebacker or safety.

Q: What are your strong points on the field?

A: Lateral movement, recognizing formations, I'm also good in space and flipping my hips/

Jimmy also told me that he does not have any official visits set up at this you can tell his only focus is on winning a state championship. I talked to some sources who told me that he really enjoyed his visit over the weekend.