SECCG - Ambivalence, I have arrived - my hate rant


Georgia Tech Fan
I still say that you should have to win your conference to be in the championship slots. We should not end up with GA potentially facing Alabama again.
From day one I've thought these conference 'championship' games were nothing more than cash cows. Either make the losers eliminated from the playoffs and the winners move forward, or don't play them and expand the playoffs to six or eight teams.


Helluva Engineer
O’Brien came in with a good game plan for AL by spreading the field out. Also, AL has the better QB by far. Made a big difference tonight and usually does in championship games.
I think bama defense figured something out in the second quarter as well (not really an X/O guy so I don’t know what). Uga was moving the ball at will early, but around the middle of the second quarter bama just put the brakes on uga offense. They never were able to figure it out.


Ramblin' Wreck
Georgia always seems to freeze up against Saban . As long has he keeps coaching, Georgia will keep blowing it .