SECCG - Ambivalence, I have arrived - my hate rant


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If Alabama wins, Both Georgia and Alabama go to playoffs. If Georgia wins, I can’t see anyone else BESIDES Alabama that might beat them In the playoffs.

Do I come to terms with the realization that I may have to pull for Alabama tonight? On the off chance that these two will meet in the last game just so I have to pull for Alabama yet again?

I can’t do it. Let come what may, I won’t cheer for Crimson. I haven’t stopped that low yet.

I am becoming a huge fan for Michigan and Oklahoma State right now. Forget Cincy, they aren’t beating these two ******* SEC schools. Same for ND, and LOL at them BTW for not being possibly ranked higher by winning in a conference Championship game.

So let’s go Wolverines and Pokes. Do what needs doing and eliminate amy and all SEC varmints from the championship.




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I personally find it easy to cheer for Bama for one simple reason: I live in Georgia and most of Bama’s boorish, redneck, blowhard fans more likely stay in Alabama where I don’t have to deal with them. Pretty easy and practical choice looking at it that way.


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Interesting question. If ND was actually in the ACC and finished as champs with one loss would they be in the top 4 for the playoff? I would think they are hoping for an expansion to at least 8. Then they won't need a conference unless they fall off in wins with the new coach.


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I'm cheering for Alabama because they're playing Georgia. I will always root for the team playing Georgia, with absolutely no exception until I'm dead.

Conference alignment has nothing to do with this.
I think there's a fair chance Ugag doesn't make it to the playoffs if they lose. According to this, they would have a 42% chance of being left out in that scenario:


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Yes sadly they only beat us 45-0 whereas 55-0 :( … Seriously though, UGA has no business making the playoff over Cincy or Ok St if they lose to Bama. I am sure the none sec members of the playoff committee have to recognize the weak schedule UGA played.
There were some years I guarantee Clemson would not have been picked had they lost the ACC championship and their undefeated regular season looked a lot stronger than Georgia’s this year.

But SEC.


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Poquoson Virginia
I think there's a fair chance Ugag doesn't make it to the playoffs if they lose. According to this, they would have a 42% chance of being left out in that scenario:

This is a computer projection based on merit. uGag will get in regardless due to the $$$$ from more interest. Unfortunately, I think uGag has played the best all season.

I hope uGag gets crushed and sustains many (short term) _______. Flu for the team would do nicely, peaking during the first playoff game. 20 players barely able to walk would be acceptable.

If Alabama crushes uga, I’m not sure uga has the schedule to knock out a Cincinnati or OSU. Their only ranked wins are Arkansas and Clemson. They beat Clemson when they had no offense. Neither are ranked in Top 20.

Georgia’s schedule is the least impressive of all the possible teams.

True, but uGag crushed inferior opponents which makes up for the weaker SoS in the computer algorithm.


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If you have watched sports for decades like I have you know there’s always a chance in everything. What makes college football odd is the long layoff between the end of the season and the playoffs. That rarely helps the dominant team. This year that’s UGA. I expect them to easily beat Bama today because they are rolling on both sides of the ball. But that month off will hurt them and teams like Michigan and Okie State are living on free money. Today is Dec. 4. The semis are 27 days from now. That’s a long layoff for a team that is rolling. Then it’s 10 more days until the the Natty. And if they beat Bama that’s a month of being patted on the back. The positive side for UGA is that Kirby knows all this. And they do appear to be way more disciplined than I’ve ever seen them.


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Georgia is absolutely making the playoff, whether they win or lose.

Having said that…I hope they lose tonight, the semi final, and every game after.

Knowing their history, if they lose tonight, I wouldn’t be surprised if their players check out and they lose game one too.


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I hate to say it, but I'm a UGA fan today. I hope they beat Nick Satan like a drum and roll him down the street in a barrel that used to be full of rum...

#1 I'm rooting for Cincinnati to make the CFB playoff. Don't expect them to win, but just getting there would be a huge accomplishment, and would be well deserved (assuming they beat Houston). I don't trust the CFB playoff committee to put Cincinnati in if they win, even with Oklahoma State's loss to Baylor today.

#2 Georgia is in the CFB playoff regardless. I want Alabama out. And seeing Cincinnati beat Georgia in a #1 vs #4 game would be glorious. The only thing better would have been to see Tech beat them last weekend.

#3 As a Dolphins fan, Saban can... Well, I don't think I can post what I really feel about him on this site, so I'll leave it to all of your imaginations!

Now that I've posted this, I need to head down to the kitchen to pour another bourbon to wash my mouth out and cleanse my soul.