Season Ticket Holders


Georgia Tech Fan
Let him know your a season ticket holder to football or basket ball he's going to ask a survey on how we feel about where the programs are heading


Jolly Good Fellow
I gave him my feedback. Anyone with season tickets should, too. Let your voice be heard. It certainly does no good to only complain on these message boards.


Ramblin' Wreck
These are the questions and I included my feedback.....

1. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being highest, what is your confidence in the direction of the football team? 8, I see the football team as a work in progress and I still have confidence in CPJ to build the team into a yearly contender.

2. How does it compare to a year ago at this time? Higher, lower, or the same as a year ago? (To clarify, “higher” means it is higher today than it was a year ago). My expectations are higher, not a lot higher, but I expect improvement in both football and basketball.

3. If Tech had beaten Georgia last fall, do you think your answer would be different? No, it is always great to beat Georgia (As arrogant as they are their egos are fragile). But I see the season as a whole. I would very much like them to start winning more bowl games.

4. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being highest, what is your confidence in the direction of the men’s basketball team? 7, I think Coach Gregory will right the ship. Like the football team I see it as a work in progress, but I see and sense progress is being made. The basketball team had some tough luck with injuries.

5. How does it compare to a year ago at this time? Higher, lower or the same? The same.

6. If Tech had made the NIT, do you think your answer would be different? No.

7. Do you hold season tickets for football, men’s basketball or both? I hold them for football, I would consider buying basketball season tickets but I’m too busy to attend all the games to make it worthwhile.

8. What is your age? (Don’t have to answer) 63. I am not a Georgia Tech alumni, but I have been a Georgia Tech fan since I was 10 years old and attended my first football game at Grant Field. September 30, 1960 Georgia Tech vs Rice Owls a day that will live in infamy….

9. How many years have you held season tickets (Again, don’t have to answer)? I’ve held them for the last two years, before that I attended an average of 4 games a year.

10. Lastly, if you want to, please feel free to share any related thoughts. (Three or four sentences is plenty.) For example, how does it feel to be a Tech fan right now? Why? What does Tech need?

There needs to be more student attendance at the home games. Young people = enthusiasm and it’s contagious.

Georgia Tech needs to have a more aggressive Marketing presence in Georgia, but particularly in the greater Atlanta Area. It seems like they have capitulated to UGA. Granted UGA has a much larger fan base and overwhelming control of the Media (AJC included), but instead of shrugging their shoulders and saying ‘it is what it is’, I believe they need to get their ‘Brand’ recognition out there any way they can. The logo licensing committee is much too conservative about granting licenses for apparel, events, etc. I Love Georgia Tech and I want to wear their name J.

Georgia Tech has a good entertainment product. It’s located in the middle of downtown Atlanta, equal distance to all sectors of the greater Atlanta area. My wife and I park at Atlantic Station and take the free Tech Shuttle to the game. We usually eat at Atlantic Station or the Varsity and we still get home to Kennesaw at a decent hour, it’s a fun day and very family friendly. Going to a game in Athens is an ordeal and usually affects your whole weekend schedule because it’s so expensive and exhausting.