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Season pulse check

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Basketball' started by Jmonty71, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. Jmonty71

    Jmonty71 Helluva Engineer

    Now, we are a little over half way into the season. What's everyone's overall thoughts about this year's team?
  2. Jmonty71

    Jmonty71 Helluva Engineer

    My thoughts. Passing has been pretty sloppy. We inflict a lot of self made errors. Also, we are offensively lethargic. We play scrappy and mostly sound defense. Just looks like we are missing a ball handler and some good outside shooters. We need to penetrate more and kick the ball out for some open J's. We seem to get into some serious shooting slumps. I would say we can play and keep most schools under their average. However; when you have a struggling offense the Ws are hard to come by.

    I honestly think we miss both the big dance and NIT, this year.
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  3. THWG

    THWG Helluva Engineer

    I think that we are a year away. We desperately need more depth and it has showed this year through injuries and then again in quick turn arounds like today. I like this team and the foundation is set for the future, but like you, I'm expecting no post-season basketball this year.
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  4. GT_B

    GT_B Helluva Engineer

    If we had a true knock down shooter, I think we would have a good shot at NIT. But we can’t sustain runs because we can’t continuely score and have too many droughts like you mentioned.

    I am again really impressed that AD is getting actually good at post moves and scoring down on the block. He is actually causing Ben to not really have an impact on offense anymore because he has taken over the post offense, even though that was never really ben’s game. Since Ben can’t dribble that well and isn’t quick/explosive he can only spot up shoot at this point. He is pretty 1 dimensionsal Right now, he still plays pretty good defense and rebounds, but I can’t believe I would ever say this but AD is a better offensive player right now.
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  5. Milwaukee

    Milwaukee Helluva Engineer

    Awful team again this year.
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  6. msargent1

    msargent1 Helluva Engineer

    I think we're probably a couple of years away from being a team that can regularly compete with the better teams in the ACC. We overachieved last year.
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  7. JacketFromUGA

    JacketFromUGA Helluva Engineer

    This is what I was expecting. Was I the weird one?
  8. YlJacket

    YlJacket Helluva Engineer

    We are not an awful team. We are a long way from awful.
    We are not a really good or tournament team though either. While we have a couple of horrendous losses we also have some solid wins and are 3-3 in the ACC.

    We play very good D (usually) but average or lower offense. We lack ACC level playmakers. In fact we only have a couple of players who are solid ACC level starters at this specific point in time. We have 2 others (Jose and Haywood) I think will develop to solid ACC level starters, a couple more next year who should develop into solid ACC level starters and then a bunch of projects that who knows what we will get out of them (I still think AD is in this category). IOW we are a recruiting work in progress. And a process that is targeted to 4 year players growing up - not a Kenny Anderson coming in and fixing things. So if you buy the get old stay old process you are patient and look for solid but not top level recruits to grow up. If you want more immediate impact you point out the lack of high level recruits.

    We play with a sense of purpose and you can see flashes of potential in the recruits CJP has brought in. At this point I am OK looking for somewhat consistent process. Next year I want to smell the bubble. Year after we should be in.
  9. awbuzz

    awbuzz Helluva Engineer

    I think that if we get out rebounded by 15 or more (today was 19) and lose the FT ration by over 2:1 that we will lose 98+% of the time.
  10. awbuzz

    awbuzz Helluva Engineer

    As a team, I think that we have moments of brilliance AND team play.
    Love the cuts.
    Not a big fan of moving BL further and further from the basket. When he's getting the ball 22+ feet from the basket in our half court offense isn't something most teams are going to fear.
  11. GTbball2016

    GTbball2016 Helluva Engineer

    There's nothing average about this offense. It's terrible and the stats support it.
  12. msargent1

    msargent1 Helluva Engineer

    We need more recruits at Devoe's level. A couple more years of good recruiting ... hopefully we'll get some of the top targets this year!

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  13. alagold

    alagold Helluva Engineer

    NOW that we are whole team we are decent team AT HOME.Away we aren't good enough on OFF to win much at all.Unless we get a big GOOD big body next yr(to replace Ben) , doubtful we will be any better even with young decent guys.
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  14. Peacone36

    Peacone36 ACCBasketballReport.com Contributing Writer

    Feel free to make other plans in March for at least the next two years
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  15. lv20gt

    lv20gt Helluva Engineer

    We have a pretty good best 5 in Jose, Tadric, Okogie, AD, and Ben. But no real depth behind them.

    Had we been healthy all year I would think NIT with an outside shot at NCAA. As is we really need to hope the light clicks for Haywood or Jose fast in order to make it to post season play. We're not bad. 3-3 in conference and we showed against both UVA and UNC that we can play, but we're still lacking.

    Going forward next year we should have a better back court. Losing Jackson will hurt, but another year of experience for Okogie, Jose, and Haywood will be much needed and the addition of Devoe should cover it. We'll have a bit more quality depth with Moore and Phillips than we did this year. I think AD will be okay at the 5, and if we can manage to get some experience on them Wright or Cole could be serviceable at the 4. To me a big thing will be what will happen with Moore and Ogbonda and if we get a free slot what do we do with it. Will we be able to land a late blooming big recruit to give us another option down low, or will we try to plug a hole using the grad transfer market that has worked out so "well" for us in the past.

    Anyways I do feel we're set up pretty well to make the NCAAT in year 4. Still need to do some work on the recruiting trail/development, but some things to build on.
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  16. ramblinwreck1378

    ramblinwreck1378 Helluva Engineer

    If someone told me at Christmas we’d be 3-3 after our first 6 in the ACC I’d be happy. Realistically, we weren’t going to beat UVA or UNC. We’re not awful, but we’re also not there yet. At FSU is a winnable game on Wednesday. Certainly more winnable than either of our last two. Let’s go out and play hard and maybe finish this week 2-0.

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  17. The Doddfather

    The Doddfather Helluva Engineer

    FSU Has won 29 of their last 30 at home. It’s not going to be an easy game. I agree in the sense that after we started 3-1, I thought we would hopefully end up at 4-4 after this tough stretch. I would say Clem at the house would be more likely, but we need to beat the noles or Clem to keep our head above water. If we can stay close to .500 this year we are still heading in the right direction.
  18. Gold1

    Gold1 Helluva Engineer

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  19. KeystoneJacket

    KeystoneJacket Helluva Engineer

    I'm expecting Alvarado's senior year to be the year they take the next step. Recruiting isn't off to a good start for 2018, but I believe the staff will hit more than they miss when it comes to development. The one problem with "get old, stay old" is that it takes some time to get old.
  20. D-man44

    D-man44 Helluva Engineer

    Isn't off to a good start we SIGNED the highest rated recruit we have had since 2012. 2019 is a long ways off no one saw the Devoe commitment coming there is plenty of time to come away with a great class go look at Virginia's 2018 class and what are they 2 in the country!
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