Searcy and the Austins


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A thread on another site about these three running together on their track team got me watching some highlight videos. There will be the requisite warning about the level of competition they faced, size, etc., but let me say... these kids are football players. They each remind me of Jemea, which I think we all can agree is not a bad thing! Searcy, especially just makes plays everywhere. Catching passes, picking off passes, blowing up receivers, returning kicks, whatever. The thread I saw mentioned that Searcy might get a look at AB first to see where he could get on the field quickest. Eric, what you know? Can't wait for these guys to get on campus!

These guys look like players BUT-- their success is important to the success of the class as they all duplicates to each other and are 18% 0f class..This will a test of whether 170 lb guys can function well at this level esp a bunch of them.
We've already proven that 170 lb guys have huge difficulty at Aback-see Zenon and Bostic.
That leaves DB and WR. How many want to see us with THREE 5-10 170 lb DBs at the same time in a world of 6-4 220 recs (which is the AVERAGE of even OUR 2 WRs).
That leaves WR- if this were a 4 wide-out OFF maybe ok but we depend on our WR to block A LOT and are critical to the run game.I'm not at all sure these guys can block well enough.

It will interesting to see how they evolve.I'm hoping that maybe each will be at a different position and are unique in their abilities allowing them to be successful.It will be a stretch but possible.


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If I had my pick,

Law at aback
Lance at corner
Qua at safety

Law can play either way, but I think he's just a little bit better with the ball in his hand and I think lance is just a shade better in his cover techniques.


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With Step and the Austin twins at CB, and Qua and Jalen Johnson at S, we could have our whole secondary covered in one class. That'd be pretty cool