Russ Chandler Phase II


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This will definitely get RCS back into the top tier of stadiums. It had fallen way behind in recent years. It’s probably still not in the 1A tier of stadiums, but this takes it from second tier up to 1B in my opinion.
In typical GT Swarm fashion, this rendering does get me thinking about color schemes a little bit also. The new premium seats in the mockup are blue, but the current ones behind home plate are green. I wonder if they’ll replace or paint those as well. Also, this year all the “accessories” in territory went from green to blue. That includes the dugouts and padding on the fence in foul territory, which makes me wonder if the outfield wall padding will be replaced with blue as well. The outfield wall at RCS has been green for as long as I can remember. Seeing it blue would be a bit shocking.


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Fredericksburg, Virginia
I need to figure out how to do a "baseball trip" to Atlanta very soon for a big weekend series. I have not been to a Ga Tech baseball game at RCS in 30 years. The next 2 seasons...until my sons graduate from college... the available spring weekends are extremely limited; but I really want to enjoy a series/weekend dedicated to baseball there in Atlanta.


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Atlanta GA
I made it to one game at the Rusty C last Spring...for the first time in practically forever.

(1) We lost.

(2) The season was cancelled soon afterward.

No wonder they are razing the facilities—I jinxed it. Gotta burn that bad ju-ju out.

Oh, and (3) I got such a horrific sunburn that day that GT closed the whole campus two weeks later.