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Can someone please post the up to date roster, including jersey numbers, HT, WGT, Class, Position, ETC
I saw somewhere that Leggett is going to be wearing #30 and Myles Autry is wearing #8? Also, who is this Miles Taylor kid at safety?

This is what I'm going off of but I'm not sure how accurate this is, especially the jersey numbers for the freshmen:

And if someone can post a more in-depth depth chart of the breakdown of the 4-2-5 that would be greatly appreciated. I know I'm late to the party but I just read today that Ty Griffin transferred. I had high hopes for him.

All of this is for an NCAA 14 updated roster project for PS3.

Any help would be appreciated.

Also, for all you insiders: what true freshmen will be seeing the field. Austin Twins, Searcy, Durham, Terrell Lewis, Jalen Johnson, Tre Jackson, Antonio Simmons, Freeman, Merriweather, Leggett, Autry?

Thanks in advance.
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The Inside the Swarm features on provide the most recent offense and defenese 2-deeps.

I think that roster is the most up to date, but I could be mistaken.


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All of that info can be found on is the closest you will get.