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Roster Transition

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by Southpaw13, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. Southpaw13

    Southpaw13 Helluva Engineer


    Assuming we hire Collins, we're obviously moving away from the TO and will likely be moving to more of a spread option. Here are our scholarship numbers by position as of now:

    QB's: 5 (2 incoming freshmen)
    RB: 12 (2 incoming freshmen)
    WR: 8 (2 incoming freshmen)
    TE: 0 (for obvious reasons)
    OL: 17 (2 incoming freshmen)

    Here's my question... who would you move where? I know this is premature, and we don't really know what the plans are for the offense. We'll need tight ends (perhaps Camp, Harris, Jump, Cooksey might be options?)... we'll need to move some of those AB's to slot receiver roles I would guess?

    We can't have 12 scholarship RB's for an offense that runs only 1 or 2 RB's.

    So... what would you do if it were your decision to remake the offense with what we have now?
  2. THWG

    THWG Helluva Engineer

    I would move Camp to Tight end. Most of the A backs will become WRs imo especially guys like Jarrett and Whatley.
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    GTFLETCH Helluva Engineer

    Tobias Oliver to WR or DB
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  4. DuckGT

    DuckGT Ramblin' Wreck

    Wonder if Tobias would end up somewhere like GSU to continue playing QB...
  5. alagold

    alagold Helluva Engineer

    There is going to be WHOLESALE turnover.WE have too many runningbacks and really DBs. Not enough linemen/big men.
  6. deeeznutz

    deeeznutz Helluva Engineer

    I don't think the roster adjustment will be that severe. We've got a good stable of RBs in our BBs (and Tobias Oliver), our bigger WRs can likely play the "dynamic TE" role (especially since we all know they can block), and most of our ABs can likely become slot receivers. OL is probably where we'll have the most problems, as Johnson was generally looking for different traits in OL than most other coaches. A guy like Jahaziel Lee or Austin Smith might end up moving over to DL too.
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  7. Ibeeballin

    Ibeeballin GT Athlete Featured Member

    Biggest winners of the change on offense imo:

    The Morgan Twins. Didn’t possess the quick to be good in the option.


    Austin Smith- would love to have him on defense but may be a right tackle

    Biggest loser

    Tobias Oliver: what is he in the new offense

    Cottrell: can he play the slot or can he run inside the tackle and make people at the 2nd level miss with his speed. Would love if he could become our McCaffery
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  8. jeffgt14

    jeffgt14 Helluva Engineer

    I think Jerry Howard is probably the biggest loser. Benson and Cottrell could be a damn good 1-2 punch of thunder and lightning.
  9. Southpaw13

    Southpaw13 Helluva Engineer

    Cottrell would have been our feature AB next year, but... I think he could prove very valuable as a scat back to change pace from the bigger BB's we'll use as RB's, and/or a slot receiver. His speed would be tough to deal with in the slot.
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  10. IEEEWreck

    IEEEWreck Helluva Engineer

    And now that magical moment when vaporware is wrenched screaming into the world of real product. When all wish fullfilment and revenge fantasy must fall silent in the face of performance.

    But seriously, how do you answer this without knowing our intentions towards an end goal?
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  11. GTBandit22

    GTBandit22 Helluva Engineer

    Most of the A backs can be moved to the slot, but a few may stay as 3rd down backs. I could see cottrell being that type of guy.
    Howard and Mason can play tailback or fullback. I think mason would be a mauler in a fullback/H-back type role.
    We have some early PT available to talented WR and OT.
    Toby would make a good WR

    We will have some transfers, especially from the Aback group. Could see some older guys going the Kennesaw St route
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  12. a5ehren

    a5ehren Helluva Engineer

    No way of knowing until an OC is named.
  13. Ibeeballin

    Ibeeballin GT Athlete Featured Member

    Not really. The weight room philosophy is about to change. Luckily the turnover ABack happened this year. Whatley, Grant, Sanders, Sanders are slot WRs.

    RB: Benson, Howard, Mason, Cottrell, Malloy, Amerson. That’s a nice crop of RB but i expect a couple of transfers
  14. WrongShadeOfGold

    WrongShadeOfGold Ramblin' Wreck

    No way. Give me Howard or Mason to spell Benson any day of the week. Nate would make a good third down back if he can catch and pass protect.
  15. Heisman1215

    Heisman1215 Helluva Engineer

    I’ll take Howard over all of them.
  16. BCJacket

    BCJacket Helluva Engineer

    I'd say this is nonobvious until we hear what his plans/OC pick are.

    While I'd be shocked if he brought in a Flexbone OC. I would not be surprised if we look more like GSU or Tulane next year. Or even 2008/2013 GT. Lots of option runs, 2 back sets, some shotgun triple option like UVA ran against us... it's what we have the personnel for. I also would not be surprised if we see the Flexbone used similar to how some teams use the wildcat, not as our base offense, but as a running-situation weapon. Since we have guys who know how to run it. Trying to fit a bunch of square pegs in round holes is likely to be a painful process.

    I also seriously doubt TStan would have hired someone whose plan was: "WHOLESALE turnover". In his Toddcasts and interviews Todd has been complimentary of the option offense and being different/unique/innovative. I also doubt "Total Person Program" Todd would be on board with 'processing out' a significant portion our student athletes because they don't fit Tech's new scheme.

    To be Todd's pick, I have to think CGC's pitch to TStan included an effective transition plan using the current roster. I'm sure we'll have some transfers. But I don't think we're kicking 10 RBs to the curb.
  17. RamblinCharger

    RamblinCharger Helluva Engineer

    BJS will be the biggest winner getting to work with a really good Defensive coach. I expect Juanye to be our next Morgan Burnett as well.
  18. danny daniel

    danny daniel Helluva Engineer

    See my post for Visions for the Future Offense
  19. iceeater1969

    iceeater1969 Helluva Engineer

    In the video - GC said they use the players they have and fit the scheme to them.
    Perhaps, unlike in past , he will attempt to use several schemes as add ons to the primary offense.
    For example would love to OCCASIONALLY see the bigger bb as fullbacks in the I with benson at Rband an extra ol . The counter tre is a bread and butter for our OL.
  20. SteamWhistle

    SteamWhistle Helluva Engineer

    My Prediction for the skill position depth chart.
    QB - Yates , Johnson/Graham
    RB - Benson, Howard/Mason
    3DRB - Amerson, Cotrell
    WR - Dolphus, Morris
    WR - Camp, Carter
    TE - ( gotta recruit, although 6’7 Josh Tukes played TE in highschool)
    IMO this wouldn’t be a hard transition for GT to make at all.
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