Roddy Jones Says It All


Helluva Engineer
Whoa, Roddy doesn't hold back... His comments wouldn't be allowed on this board. Also just for reference as a fact, Coach Geoff's record is worse than Bill lewis... This is the worst football in GT history. Prove me wrong.

His comment about Collins’ press conferences being BS certainly would get some heat here.

His comment about throwing the player under the bus without naming the player, but everyone knows, was pretty insightful. I didn’t really think of it that way, but Collin’s comments about the blocked punt were blaming the players.


Helluva Engineer
Basically a summary of this board over the last couple days. His disappointment is palpable. I'd go out on a limb and assume he is not a CGC supporter.

I'd be shocked if he was. One dem "pesky 2* recruits we gotta change the narrative on".


Helluva Engineer
Roddy probably bit his tongue A LOT during the beginning of CGC's tenure. Remember, Roddy played for CPJ, and his media career began at GT while CPJ was still here. All the bravado and the way CGC talked down on the program (biggest rebuild!) probably hasn't sat well with Roddy for a long time...and for Geoff to completely fumble his opportunity here while trying to burn down what the previous coach did. Roddy seems like a very smart and astute guy with a promising career in the media. He probably knows what's going to happen with Geoff, and he has ZERO problems speaking his mind now.