RIP Demaryius Thomas


Helluva Engineer
I hate that tragic events are what brings us together. A bright light in an often cruel world was extinguished waaaaaaaaay too soon. I've seen a lot of hate from internet trolls on news websites covering this story and it just makes it worse. Every life is precious. The most memorable line from Hotel Rwanda about the Rwandan genocide is "People will see this on the news and say "Oh my god that's terrible", and they will go on eating their dinner." We as a fan base were lucky to have him wear the GT. Those who met him were lucky to shake his hand. His family, despite their hardships, are blessed to have him as an example of what a real man is.


Helluva Engineer
After all he overcame to reach that level of success, I hate to hear this news. Sometimes it just doesn't make sense why some of the best and hardest working people have to go so early.

I often use DT on this board as an example of someone who comes to GT and overcomes their environment. Regardless of where you come from, if you put in the work and focus on what you want, stay away from people/things that disrupt your goals, you can lift yourself out of whatever situation you came from. DT did just that, and he did it with a smile.

You don't know how much time you have in this life, so you should try to make the most of the time you have. DT did exactly that, and he changed the lives of his family even beyond his own life. Absolutely devastating loss, but if you look on Twitter and see the outpouring of love all of his teammates, friends, and coaches are putting out there for him, DT was someone who definitely not only made the most of his time in his short life, but he took the time to treat other people with kindness and respect on his way to success. That is a rare quality in this world where people sacrifice kindness and respect to meet their personal goals.

DT was the definition of a total GT man.