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Article Remembering the 2003-04 Championship Game Team, Because We Can

Discussion in 'GT Swarm Articles, Interviews & Photos' started by CuseJacket, Dec 14, 2015.

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    A Trip Down Memory Lane

    Tomorrow Tech tips off against Virginia Commonwealth in their final non-conference run of the season. It’s one that many are projecting forward as the key indicator for success for the remainder of the season. Stringing back-to-back wins against VCU and Georgia would be meaningful in its own right. It could mean even more for the Jackets’ confidence heading into ACC play in January.

    Reflecting on the big picture this year led me to reminiscing about seasons past. Nostalgia is a beautiful thing for those who can file away the bad and vividly replay the good. For those who cannot, hopefully this can.

    With 24 hours before tipoff against VCU, let’s look closer at arguably the best pick-me-up we have: the 2003-04 NCAA championship game season. With transfers all the rage in NCAA basketball today, what better way to remember 2004 than with one of the best single plays ever by a transfer from Arizona?

    Where are they now?

    Will Bynum
    While not the grad transfer variety that we’re used to seeing in 2015, Will Bynum makes a case for the most meaningful transfer to Georgia Tech in its basketball history when he arrived as a Junior. Despite a brief stint in Europe (2006-08) that typically signals the end of one’s NBA chances, Bynum returned and played for the Detroit Pistons from 2009-14.

    He is now in China playing for the Guangdong Southern Tigers. The Southern Tigers are 3rd place in the league at 14-3, a solid four games ahead of the Beijing Ducks and one of China’s most famous players, Stephon Marbury.

    Jarrett Jack
    It’s safe to say Jack went on to the most successful basketball career from the 2003-04 Yellow Jackets squad. A first round draft pick in 2005, Jack has been one of the NBA’s most reliable nomads. He’s played for seven different squads since and is the current starting Point Guard for the Brooklyn Nets, averaging a cool 13 points and 7 assists in 31.8 minutes per game.

    Equally if not more important to many Tech fans, Jarrett returned to Georgia Tech and graduated in December 2014 with a degree in Business Management.

    B.J. Elder
    Perhaps Tech’s most versatile scorer, Elder has proven his versatility in living locations since departing Atlanta in 2005. After playing one year in Germany, B.J. returned to Austin, TX as part of the NBA D-League. With the NBA out of the picture he returned to Italy (2 years), Greece (1 year), and then back to Italy where he’s donned a number of different jerseys.

    B.J. returned to Georgia Tech in 2012 and graduated after he completed the final two courses toward his degree in Business Management.

    Luke Schenscher
    Luke flirted with the NBA on a few short contracts. He followed that with a one-game stint in Germany before landing in his home of Adelaide, Australia on a one-year contract with the 36ers. Since 2008, he’s maintained a presence Down Under for clubs in Perth and Townsville. He signed with the latter on a three year deal this past July.

    It would be fantastic if Ben Lammers develops at the same rate as the Big Aussie during his time at Georgia Tech.

    Clarence Moore
    Following graduation in 2004, Clarence briefly tangoed with the real world before becoming an assistant high school basketball coach at Paideia School in Atlanta (per ramblinwreck.com). After another stop at Wagner Traditional School in Louisville, KY, he went on to become assistant basketball coach at Kentucky State, a division two school. Clarence assumed the interim head coach role and completed his first full season with that title in 2010.

    Following the season, the interim tag was removed. He then led the Thorobreds to their first winning season since 2000-01, finishing 15-13. Clarence resigned following the season to assume a senior executive position at Edison Chouest Offshore in New Orleans, LA.

    Isma’il Muhammad
    The number of jaw-dropping dunks from Isma’il may only be challenged by the number of countries he’s played in since his time at Tech. Per NBA.com he’s played professionally in Iceland, France, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, New Zealand and Venezuela. He made it to a camp with the Hawks in 2012 only to be cut.

    If you know the whereabouts of Isma’il since then, please share! For now this will have to suffice:

    Marvin Lewis
    With his talent and stroke you have to believe Marvin could have found success on the court somewhere. Instead he quickly pursued a career in business, earning his CPA followed by a master’s degree in Taxation from Georgia State in 2008 (per ramblinwreck.com).

    Following a stint in accounting, Lewis parlayed his background into a role in athletics as Senior Associate AD for Finance and Administration at Georgia State. He continued up the latter at the University of Maryland before finally landing where we know he belongs, back at Georgia Tech. As of September 2014 he is the current Associate AD for Finance & Administration for the Jackets.

    Anthony McHenry
    At Georgia Tech Anthony McHenry was the classic effort guy and team player. It shouldn’t be a surprise then that his work ethic led to a League MVP award in Japan in 2013. Fast forward to January 2015 when the Japan Times had this to say, “Pick a month — any month, really – and McHenry’s name ought to be a finalist for the league’s monthly MVP award. His consistency as a playmaker, scorer, rebounder and overall defender is impressive.”

    And who’s going to be surprised by Anthony’s response? “I’ve never considered myself to be a go-to player,” McHenry told reporters after a 25-point, four-rebound, three-assist, three-block effort at Ariake Colosseum. “I think it shows in the way that I play. On any given night I can score points, get rebounds, assists, steals or blocks. It doesn’t really matter.

    What else?

    There were numerous other contributors during that run with less significant minutes – Robert Brooks, Theodis Tarver, and Mario West to name a few – all of whom made the squad what it was.

    Can we relive the glory? This year, doubtful.

    But here’s one semi-realistic possibility, potentially for a good ol' social media campaign. The Basketball Tournament is an event that started in 2014 comprised of many former college players and teams. In 2014, a team of former Notre Dame players took home $500,000 by winning the tournament. In 2015, another team of former D1 players (St. John’s, St. Joseph’s, Texas, etc.) currently playing overseas took home $1,000,000.

    What do you think Tech fans? How ‘bout reuniting them 2003-04 Jackets in 2016!? It can't hurt to dream.
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    I wish Present Lane would become the good memory lane.
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    I was playing in SAC and some of the players were around. Played in a game with Jarrett Jack - he pretty much just walked around. I shot a three against his "defense" and he gave me a look like he couldn't believe it went in. He had one play where he started trying a little bit and was dribbling around trying to make something happen and this skinny, nerdy kid absolutely stuffed him. The look of joy on the kid's face and the disgust on Jack's was funny. I'm not sure why he even joined the game but it was still cool.

    On the court behind us Bosh and McHenry were playing one on one. McHenry just destroyed Bosh on defense. Bosh couldn't get anything going and McHenry was just swarming him.
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