Recruiting Roundup - Two weeks to NSD

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    With NSD rapidly approaching we are in the prime of the recruiting season....The Georgia Tech coaches have been working hard and are trying to close this class out strong.

    Recapping last weekend

    Last weekend visitors included GT Commits...Austin twins, Searcy, Lewis, Simmons, Johnson, Klock, Taylor and Marshall.

    The only uncommitted visitor last weekend was Michael Sawyers.

    All the commits that visited last weekend seemed to have a good time and are bonding well together...Trey Klock, Antonio Simmons and especially Terrell Lewis recruited Sawyers hard.

    Sawyers didnt arrive until Saturday but he was said to have enjoyed his time on campus.

    In Homes

    Mike Rogers
    got a visit last night from CAM and Paul Johnson...he posted on Twitter that his visit went well. From what I am told he is really torn right now. Brent Key from UCF will be coming by to see him tonight. Key is former Tech player and is really selling negative against GT and how hard the academics are. Rogers is the key UCF commit and they are really going all out to keep him...Rogers still needs a SAT/ACT score to qualify. I was told from someone very close to Rogers is that he wont make his final decision until NSD....I am wondering when Rogers will take the SAT or ACT...The results wont be back till after NSD now.

    The other in home last night was reported to be Rashawn Shaw. I have not heard anything back on that visit...He took his official visit to Wake last weekend.

    Official visit weekend 1/24

    As of now I have confirmed four visitors for this weekend.

    Myles Autry, Antwan Cordy, RaShawn Shaw and GT Commit Michael Preddy.

    I expect to see this list grow during the week...I expect 2-3 more visitors this weekend besides the ones that are listed above.

    Update on a few current targets

    Myles Autry -
    The saga that seems to change as the wind does...The last we heard from Autry is that he was looking to be a package deal with Lorenzo Carter..It looks like Autry is more interested in that than Carter is. Carter is choosing a school for himself and not asking coaches to give Autry a could help a school if they do that but it really does not have a lot of impact for Carter. It is also no secrect that Carter is heavy lean to Georgia..Autry will be taking his official visit to GT this weekend. He will arrive on Friday and then leave Saturday morning to go take his test and then he will come back to Tech after that and continue his visit.

    RaShawn Shaw - Shaw is being courted by a lot of schools....Wake got his first visit. He also has visited lined up with GT and UVA and is expected to take one to Arkansas as well. He is still listed as a commit to Louisville but it does not seem likely that he signs with the.

    Antwan Cordy - He has already taken visits to Duke and Akron. Next up is GT followed by Syracuse and then Tennessee. Georgia Tech has not offered yet. If we were to offer we would shoot to the top of the list...he is really looking forward to visiting this weekend. He has also been hearing from GT commit Terrell Lewis.

    Michael Sawyers - Sawyers is taking his time with the process and trying to figure things out....The only other official visit he has lined up right now is Ole Miss. There has been some talk about a OV to the Vols but there hasnt been much interaction between the two sides. Notre Dame will be getting a OV according to him. Several schools are trying to get visits like Vandy, Oregon and Texas. My feeling is that Ole Miss is the school to beat for him due to his relationship with the coaching staff.

    NSD announcements

    Myles Autry will have his announcement live on ESPNU on NSD.

    Mike Rogers
    plans to announce his final decision on NSD.

    I also expect Michael Sawyers to wait and make his choice on NSD.


    Q: What are the chances we get Autry and carter in a package deal :)?

    A: Haha, the chances of that are less than 0.

    Q: What would be your best guess as to exactly how many spots we have left?

    A: We have two scholarships open at this time.

    Q: It appears to me anyway that we are going after big fish at this point. Assuming we miss on some, will we be likely to go to a B list, or just leave a few unfilled for now?

    A: I think we are going to fill this class out...regardless if its a A list guy or not.

    Q: Best guesses on remaining commits now?

    A: I would guess Rashawn Shaw and Myles Autry...could also see Cordy being one. Its all a pure guess on my part though.

    Q: What recruits would we make a spot for, regardless of numbers, if they decided to sign with us?

    A: I would say Sawyers and Rogers.

    Q: Is Marcelys Jones still solid to tOSU or do we have a shot at a late visit?

    A: He is already enrolled at Ohio State.

    Q: I hear Marquel Dickerson would be one on the B list. He has reported that GT coaches told him that it'll be the day of signing day if he receives an offer. So I take it they are seriously waiting on those big fish til the end..

    A: Yes due to the top targets Rogers, Autry, Sawyers, etc waiting to NSD to announce.

    Q: Still a possibility to get the flip you have mentioned in the past?

    A: Yes there is...I expect him to visit soon.

    Q: Is the flip you have mentioned a player that is currently being discussed or someone no one is expecting?

    A: If you follow GT recruiting closely you will have seen the name before.

    Q: Could it happen anytime or is it going to be on NSD?

    A: I am not sure...if he visits soon like I expect then he could commit on his visit or he could wait it out.

    Q: What is this mystery flipper's reasoning for handling it like he is? Why remain committed to the school he's committed to while thinking he's probably going to flip at the last minute? Is it grades, waiting on qualification?

    A: This is a question I cant answer...Only he knows that. He is fine on grades. Just has to do with the kid I guess. Some kids like to wait it out. My guess is once he flips he wants to be done with it and not have to hear from the other side.
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    If Autry, Rogers and Sawyers all say yes (realize its a huge stretch), do we find a way to take all three?
  3. vamosjackets

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    What's your wild guess percentage on our remaining targets? What do you think would be our scenarios if we only have 2-3 spots left with our remaining targets and Whitehead? Are all of our remaining target offers committable as a first come first served basis, or is it more such that you get the offer if this guy goes elsewhere? If it's the latter, what are those scenarios? If A and B commit, we're done, If A and B go elsewhere, then B and C get their commitable offer, etc.

    Let's say Whitehead, Rogers, Sawyers, Autry, Shaw all want to come to GT ... what happens then?
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    We all throw a party? :woot:
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  5. Eric

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    Those are great questions and really something that only the staff knows.

    They would only take one of Shaw and Whitehead.

    One of Rogers and Autry.

    If that scenario played out they would take Rogers, Sawyers and one of Shaw or Whitehead IMO.
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    New to swarm, but you do a great job. By far the best site for GT info - and no trolls! Love it!
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    Who is the surprise flip?
  8. kg01

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    C'mon BJohn, if someone tells us it won't be a surprise anymore. ;) It's probably also not a completely done deal, so revealing the name now could jeopardize the recruit's current spot to some degree.
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    I think I know who it is
  10. forensicbuzz

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    Don't be that guy.
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