Recruiting Roundup - Looking ahead

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  1. Eric

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    Georgia Tech will is set to have the biggest official visit week of the season thus far in the not so distant horizion.

    4* Erick Smtih, 4* Marshon Lattimore and 4* Marcelys Jones (Ohio State) just have finised the football season and are turning to the recruiting process now.

    To be clear they are all HUGE Ohio State leans and it would be a complete and utter shock if they ended up anywhere besides Ohio State.

    Marcelys Jones (OL) made a surprise OV to Kentucky last weekend....Erick Smith was expected to make the trip with him but he did not show up. From what I have heard Jones is loving his Kentucky visit.

    What is interesting is that Lattimore did not make the UK trip and told the UK staff he was not going to visit them...But he is scheduled to make the visit to Georgia Tech this week.

    It also seems almost certrin that all three will play together but it is even more of a lock that Erick Smith and Lattimore will attend the same school.

    The only other school besides Ohio State and Georgia Tech (if they all show up) to get OV's from this group is Alabama.

    My personal opinion is that Lattimore is a lock to Ohio State and that is likely going to take Erick Smith with him...However I think that Smith is still open to the process and Georgia Tech could win him over on the visit...I also feel that Jones is open and a great Georgia Tech visit will go a longways with them. With all of that said I expect them to end up at Ohio State but getting a visit it HUGE and you never know what could happen during the time on campus.

    They will be arriving at Georgia Tech on Wednesday and leaving either Thursday night or Friday morning...They are taking OV's to Ohio State this weekend.

    The plan is from them to announce at the Army All American game.

    Visiting this weekend

    KeShun Freeman (GT Commit)
    Tre Jackson (GT Commit)
    Matthew Jordan (GT Commit)
    Shai McKenzie

    So far these are all the confirmed visitiors.

    All three Georgia Tech commits are set to enroll early and Shai McKenzie will also be enrolling early at whatever school he commits to. The plan is for the Tech commits to put a little pressure on him and hopefully convince him to come to Tech.

    Have to give credit to the Georgia Tech coaches as they will get the last crack with Mckenzie as we get the last visit before he annoucnes on December 20th...Georgia Tech coaches will also be visiting him sometime this week. Coming into the visit it really is back and forth between Pitt and VT. Both feel good about where they stand with him as of now....the x-factor here is that his Mom lives in Atlanta and wants him to attend GT, his Dad would also like for easy plane trips. The visit this weekend with him is key.

    That is all the visits that are confirmed at this point...but there could be 1 or 2 more guys visit this weekend.

    The next big OV weekend

    The next big OV weekend is January 17th....Jalen Johnson, Miles Taylor, Austin Twins, Searcy, Merriweather, Klock, etc will all be visiting that weekend. That will also be the weekend we are likely hosting any other key targets that we offer or any guys that we are seriously interested Mathis or maybe Mike Rogers...Kiy Hester is another name to watch.

    Tracking the current commits

    Step Durham, Gary Brown, Jake Whitley, Andrew Marshall and Jake Stickler have all taken OV's to Tech so far and are solid to Tech at this time.

    Durham will be enrolling on the Jan 7th.

    For those asking about Travis Custis...things are the same with him. He is just like a normal recruit that will be enrolling early. He is solid to Tech and that is where he will be come January according to his family. Staff has been in contact with him and they expect a lot from him starting next year...he is a key piece moving forward.

    I talked to Gary Brown recently and he told me that he was very solid.

    Surprise recruits

    This time of the year there is always some surprise visitors...last year Korin Wiggins (UNC Commit) at the time made a quiet trip down to Atlanta.

    I expect the same this I have posted before I do expect a flip in January although it may come late if it happens.

    Any surprise visitors will likely be visiting the 17th or after.
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  2. Bule

    Bule Helluva Engineer

    Great report thanks!

    Also, you expect a flip to Tech or away from Tech? Or both?
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  3. Eric

    Eric Retired Co-Founder Staff Member

    I expect a flip to Tech.

    There are 1-2 guys who I think could possibly flip from Tech but as of now I think we are good.
  4. PowderSpringsJacket88

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    Marshall is who I woulf worry about flipping from GT. Maybe one of the other OL like Preddy too...
  5. IronJacket7

    IronJacket7 Helluva Engineer

    Looking forward to what we can do! Excellent post, Eric. Thanks!

    Dang. I thought I followed GT Recruiting close. Lol. I have never heard of Korin Wiggins.
  6. xenoabe

    xenoabe Ramblin' Wreck

    Where do we stand with Autry? Seems like we've backed off of him quite a bit.
  7. collegeballfan

    collegeballfan Helluva Engineer

    Are these the only early enrolls?

    KeShun Freeman
    Tre Jackson
    Matthew Jordan
    Step Durham
    Travis Custis
  8. DuckGT

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    Are we still going after Adam Choice or is he solid to Clemson?
  9. bat_082994

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    Thanks for the update Eric
  10. PowderSpringsJacket88

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    We are going after to Choice and Parrish but Choice is more solid. We still have a small chance with Parrish. Not likely though....
  11. GTrob21

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    i worry about marshall flipping from us.

    I hope the staff has some OL on standby if that happens.
  12. DuckGT

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    Yeah it seems like this has Will Adams all over it. Just waiting on that Auburn offer that will probably a week or two before signing day.
  13. DuckGT

    DuckGT Ramblin' Wreck

    Did Kendall Baker have some decent interest in GT? Or am I wrong and he is solid to the Dwags?
  14. Eric

    Eric Retired Co-Founder Staff Member

    Solid to UGA
  15. Eric

    Eric Retired Co-Founder Staff Member

    Feel free to ask questions or if there is something else you want to know.
  16. DuckGT

    DuckGT Ramblin' Wreck

    Thanks for the info!
  17. Goatman95

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    Flipping Parrish would be huge.
  18. PowderSpringsJacket88

    PowderSpringsJacket88 Helluva Engineer Retired Staff

    Absolutely, it could help us if UGA lands the DB from MLKing in ATL and another couple of DB's. Of course it may not faze him either.

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