Random fan encounter yesterday


Helluva Engineer
Flint Michigan
I took my seats in section 15 row 45 seat 30 and noticed I was sitting next to two Auburn and one Alabama fans. I asked them what brought them to the game and they told me they coached Justin when he was younger and his parents had gotten then tickets. One of them actually gave espn the video they showed during the ACC championship of him and Jameis Winston. They absolutely raved about the type of person he is. He's just as good a kid as he is a football player they said. They love CPJ and think JT is the best qb he has ever had running this system. Entertaining 3 hrs of football listening to an outsiders perspective of 2 good teams. Just thought I pass my story along.


Helluva Engineer
Anyone else see the DB (not defensive back) dressed all in red with a freaking Georgia hat? He was somewhere around the SE corner. What a tool!