QB Transfer from Temple


Helluva Engineer
I come here as a missionary. I see very poorly educated posters left adrift w no idea what they are publishing. I know Collins inheited a team whose QB had no offers. His predecessor turned him into a conference champion and he's making bank in the NFL now. Collins guy threw 1 TD and quit. Now hes on your roster. You can have both of them. True, Temple FB has seen very hard times but I laugh heartily knowing we beat Tech like a puppy with a bad bladder. If you were a visitor to my board, I told people lay the 10, it was the lock of the decade. I only wish I had the fortitude to put a substantial portion of my 401K on it. Even Cheesesteak Fiend, I mean Waffle House didnt mess that up. I will continue to cash knowing you are bringing the same inept Defense, short yardage fiasco philosophy and twitter hype FB to the ACC this seaon. Sure Geoff will pay the mortgage w a couple wins over Kennesaw St and some of the other ACC dregs but you'll lose by 3 TDs + to every team that matters on your schedule.
See you in 2025 at Grant Field.


Helluva Engineer
He reminded me of somebody. I had a little extra time (ok, I'm actually goofing off) and looked around. Here he is:

That's my man Jesse Ertz. Both Beatty and - when they let him run - Sims remind me a lot of this guy. It'll make everything more effective if we let Sims run just a bit more.