Pressley Harvin III Wins Ray Guy Award

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If you guys haven't seen some of the work he does outfitting and upfitting cars, you ought to follow him on social media. The guy is a real car talent too.

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Another true Tech man, just like Butker. These guys would use spreadsheets and spend tons of time analyzing their performance and trying to find ways to improve. Harvin had every kick in the book - the boomers, directional kicks, nose down kicks that would stop inside the 5, rugby kicks, and was a hell of a passer. 😃
I would love for the Falcons to draft Pressley. 😁


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I've been a huge fan ever since this guy was a recruit. So thrilled to see it come to fruition.

My wife reminded me of I think it was the Louisville game this year, where IIRC the color commentator was talking about something else (and missed the traditional "That GT punter's a big guy" discussion). Then PH3 put toe to leather and let the thing fly, and the commentator stopped and said something like "JESUS, Tech - does the ball owe your punter money??" :LOL:

Gonna miss seeing him on the Flats. Gonna love seeing him in the NFL.