Praise for Jermiah Attaochu from ESPN's Kevin Weidl


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Georgia Tech OLB Jeremiah Attaochu has really jumped out during my recent film study. I was first able to get into tape at the combine last month but recently had a chance to watch three more coaches' copy tapes and came away highly impressed.

The first things that jump out about the 6-foot-3, 252-pound linebacker are his effort, motor and upside as an edge rusher. He has very good snap anticipation and flashes an explosive first step. In addition, Attaochu has exceptional torso flexibility to bend the edge and can generate power through his hips to finish at the top of his rush. He also has an effective inside-changeup move in his arsenal. Attaochu changes directions quickly back inside and flashes explosive acceleration coming out of his redirect to get home and generate pressure.

Attaochu can continue to develop his strength in his lower half and had problems dealing with OT Morgan Moses' size and length in the Virginia tape. And although he improved his awareness dropping into coverage from his 2012 tape, Attaochu has plenty of room to improve in this area.

Scouts I have spoken with also praise Attaochu's character, saying he is a smart kid who learns well and has an outstanding work ethic. All of the evaluators are relatively high on Attaochu but have varying grades ranging from late first round to early third round. Attaochu, along with Boise State DE/OLB Demarcus Lawrence, who also has quality tape, could be viable options in the early-to-mid second round for teams like the Jets, Cardinals or Chargers, who all are looking to upgrade their edge pass rush.


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Would love to see him go as high as the second. He really improved his stock this season.