Practice Reports 8/19


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(In reference to my prior post...)

Nah, that's just dumb, now that I do the math. Homer is way up there, in our esteem as well as in years, and I can't see him being asked to come back and pick up real duties with the program.

He's earned his white-and-golden years, and as much as I respect and admire the guy, I wouldn't ask him to step back into the ring in any capacity.
Got to go to practice today and spoke to Dr. Rice for 15 minutes. He's in his late 80's but you'd never know it. Even notice guys offsides on a kickoff. He teaches a class on campus and brings in a guest speaker each week. Still loves GT and attends most games. Cool to see almost all the coaches, Joe Ham and MBob come over to spend some time with him. One of the greatest men I've ever met, and we're lucky he came to GT when he did.


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Marietta, GA
Less concerned about the "ding up" players the start of this season due to the schedule. Granted would like for them to be able to to in the rhythm with the other players. BUT, would rather them be healthy and ready to go come week 4 than to risk further injury right now.


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I want to echo what TechCubed said - I interviewed Coach Rice early this summer and we are incredibly lucky to have him here at Tech. We would not have football here if not for him. When he got here the budget was a mess our facilities were way behind. Some in the ACC were not happy to have us here, because they didn't like coming to play at Tech our facilities were that bad. He had only been here a few weeks when Bill Curry came to him and told him that there was an administration meeting to vote on disbanding our football team. He worked to get our facilities back up to par and get our budget back in the black so that we could save our football.