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Possible Tweak to NFL OT

Discussion in 'College & Pro Sports' started by FredJacket, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. FredJacket

    FredJacket Helluva Engineer

    Personally, I don't really have any big problem with the way the NFL handles overtime. But lots of talk after KC didn't get opportunity (per rules) to possess ball & lost their AFC championship game on Sunday.

    Here's something I was thinking about... shoot holes in this idea.

    Some underlying goals:
    1) Limit as much as possible the "extra" time. Don't want drawn out OT.
    2) Have a winner (avoid ties... regular season issue).
    3) Avoid scenario where a team may never get offensive opportunity.

    Ok. Here goes:
    Team A starts possession with 0:00 on clock & clock runs UP as they play their possession. Clock stops/starts per normal "end of game" rules. When/if they score (3 or 6... no PAT), the clock stops & is SET there for Team B's possession.

    For Team B's possession, clock winds DOWN from cumulative time it took Team A to score. If Team B matches or beats Team A's score before 0:00 (i.e. "quicker than Team A)... Team B wins.

    If neither team scores in 1st possession or Team B ties as clock reaches 0:00... repeat until you have a winner. (Could alternate possession somehow...maybe... or not)

    If Team A punts or has a turnover, Team B gets untimed possession to score (& win).

    Interesting strategy decisions:
    1) Receive or kick to start OT?
    2) Kick FG "quick" if you find yourself into range quickly.
    3) Managing timeouts.
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  2. GTJackets

    GTJackets Helluva Engineer

    I would add give the second offense the option of tying at time or continuing the drive to win if team 1 kicked a FG. So you have enough time to kick a FG to tie it or you can continue your drive and take a shot at winning it outright. But a FG is no longer an option because the time has expired. That would be another interesting strategy decision spawned off from #2.
  3. lauraee

    lauraee Helluva Engineer

    Why not just copy college d1 overtime? Seems way more fair.
  4. THWG

    THWG Helluva Engineer

    I like the college OT, but think it should be moved to the 35 or 40 yard line.

    In the NFL, I like the OT rules as well. This is a professional team, if you can't stop the other team from scoring a TD, then you don't deserve to win. The defense has to step up and give the offense a chance. It's as simple as that imo.
  5. CuseJacket

    CuseJacket Administrator Staff Member

    Change the OT coin toss to rock, paper, scissors. That way it's entirely in the control of the teams. No one to blame but themselves. I'd love to see some advanced analytics on what to throw against whom.
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