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We had a bit of a mix-up on the board when people thought we were in his Top 5 6, but then realized Penn State had made the cut and we hadn't.
Who's really counting?
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Ramblin' Wreck
Not 100% shocking seeing the stacked WR room recently... Im stoked honestly for the WR Janneh and Leary
Logical Norris is leaving. Stacked is rather optimistic. Let’s get to competent first. We had one competent / reliable / productive WR last season and he left.

Next years group has potential. Production is TBD. Looks like we have a WR Coaching upgrade as well. Promising there.


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Not 100% shocking seeing the stacked WR room recently... Im stoked honestly for the WR Janneh and Leary

Right. While I wish him luck, I'm certainly not torn up over him transferring. Nevermind the stacked WR room - he left the team after Collins was fired. He might have had a more prominent role if he had stepped up and played. But since he chose to walk away at the time...don't let the door hit you on the way out.


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Question: Haven’t really done my research, are Lane and Leary slot guys? Or is lane more outside and Leary slot?
Chase Lane self-identified as a guy that can do inside and outside depending on team needs. He can easily create mismatches with some movement like that.

Leary’s speed is his greatest asset, which aligns itself to slot and special teams immediately.


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and only one of their top three, to the draft, which is crazy.

Not exactly, bowers is the obvious number 1 for the next year at least. The real question is do they lose Monken to the NFL. There are a lot of NFL teams that will be needing a new OC this offseason after everything is settled. He's probably one of the most NFL ready OC's in college football not named Bill o Brien. Monken has coached as the OC for Tampa for 3 years cleveland for 1 and he also coached with the jags.


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Actually, the number is 3 (Goede, Seither, and Gilbert), plus one is going pro. So UGA is losing 4 TEs.
That sounds like a law firm. Have you been in an accident? Give the Law Offices of Goede, Seither, and Gilbert a call to get what's coming to you ;)

Like " Dewey, Cheatham and Howe", the law firm the Dwags have on retainer ?