Player most excited about seeing


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We have seen this great recruiting class roll in. We know who is and isn't returning, next season. The question is, who are you most excited about seeing, next season and why?

For me? Jeff Sims... I saw that young man in the High School UA game and OMG.... Raw talent, beyond what I could believe. I kept thinking that a talented QB, like that at GT???? Really??? So, I think that is who I am most excited about seeing. I think that young man will be the next big thing at GT.


Ramblin' Wreck
Antonneous Clayton.

Why? Because he has all the physical tools to be a terrific defensive end and we’ve got a great one coaching him in Marco Coleman. He’s got one year to prove himself and I hope he takes advantage of this opportunity to prove that he can be a dominant force.

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Devin Cochran is who I'm most excited about next year, but I'm not as excited about actually seeing him work on the OL as I am excited about seeing the results of his abilities carried out by our "skill position" players. Johnson, too. These two transfers are going to make everybody else better on offense.


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Next season? Demetrius Knight. I think he has a high ceiling as a Mike linebacker, and I’m excited to see his improvement after another offseason with Coach Lew and Coach Thacker.

A few seasons down the road? Wing Green. That dude is huge! If he can put the right kind of weight on that frame and play with good technique (which I trust Coach Key to drill into his players), he will be a force!


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Something to think about:

In addition to our top 25 recruiting class, these transfers are now eligible for play for us:

5 star DE Clayton
4 star WR Ezzard
4 star S Allen

Of course, IMO, the two biggest additions:

OG Johnson (former 4 star)
OT Cochran
*projected NFL pick, top 5 rated SEC tackle in 2019

The talent infusion in 2 years to this team has been incredible.


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Gibbs, if he's as good as advertised he will not redshirt and will be the starter early on, which would be amazing considering JM was so productive last year.

A close second is Sims for me, if he can beat out JG then we might have something really special with he and Gibbs over the next 3-4 years


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No one player for me—mostly interested in seeing how the lines and linebackers come together. The rest seems loaded.
Kicker is still a question mark though

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For me it's Clayton and Mason. Clayton could be the biggest impact player of all of the newcomers. He has a chance to take the defense to another level. With an improved offensive line, I expect Mason to just be a beast this year. Im excited about Gibbs as well, I just don't expect him to take significant time away from Mason or Griffin as a freshman.


Ramblin' Wreck
Sims. But I’m also keeping an eye on Gleason. There could be significant improvements for James Graham, but I don’t see it tbh. He can be utilized elsewhere.

Gibbs. I shouldn’t have to go into detail.

Jared Ivey. Not much has been said about him but I fell in love with his highlights. He will be much needed on D line.

maybe Ezzard at WR. We got screwed by not having him last year. Maybe our offense with all the new pieces can punch our opponents In the mouth. THWg