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Interview Pat Gamble #91 Defensive Tackle

Discussion in 'GT Swarm Articles, Interviews & Photos' started by CuseJacket, Aug 10, 2014.

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    Post-Scrimmage Interview with Pat Gamble - #91 - Defensive Tackle

    Q: So how are things going year 1 to year 2 with Coach Roof and Coach Pelton?
    A: It's going good. We're getting better. We've learned the system now like the back of our hand. That's always good to go out there and play fast.

    Q: There's a lot of conversation about the defensive line this year, especially with all of the offseason departures due to graduation, Jerry going to the NFL, and all those guys in camp. What do you expect out of your own personal performance and that of the defensive line this year?
    A: I expect to go out there and give 110% and play every down like it's my last. With losing all those players it's time for somebody else to step up. It could be anybody on the D-Line. When a star leaves another star is born. We're doing good, we're progressing, and we're getting better every day. We're going out there working hard with Coach Pelton. All we've got to do is stay focused and get ready for the season.

    Q: Is there much difference for you on the line in the 4-2-5 vs. the 4-3 or is it pretty much the same scheme?
    A: It's pretty much the same. There isn't really too much difference for a defensive lineman in that scheme. There isn't much more to it than taking a line[man] out.

    Q: Francis just mentioned you're getting a little more aggressive and a little more up-tempo this year. Is there anything schematically that you all are doing differently or is it just more familiarity with the scheme in general?
    A: We're just got familiar with the scheme. When you're familiar with the scheme you can just go out there and play fast. If you're not familiar with the scheme you're not going to play fast. Now that we're in the second year with Coach Roof and Coach Pelton, this is familiar. So now we just got to go out there and play aggressive. It's a game of football and it's about physicality.

    Q: Last year coming into camp the offensive line was banged up a little bit. This year they have 3 or 4 lines coming at you all. Do you see a big difference in their performance so far?
    A: Oh yea. They have a lot of depth now. When a player goes down another one can step up and play. And that's good for us that they have 3 lines that can come at us every time. They're fresh and we're down. They can get us mentally stronger. For them I can just see them getting better every day just watching them play. The young guys are getting better and the older guys just keep progressing.

    Q: What have you seen out of Tim Byerly and Justin Thomas so far in camp?
    A: Oh, I love my quarterbacks man. I love my quarterbacks. They're going to do some big things this year and surprise some people. I can feel that. I like them a lot, they're getting better, and all we've got to do is keep working.

    Q: Last question for you - Last night/late-breaking news there was a ruling in the Ed O'Bannon and NCAA case. Have you heard anything about that or has there been any chatter on the team in terms of what that means for student-athletes, and especially for football players at big-time schools?
    A: What is it called?

    Q: The Ed O'Bannon case.
    A: I don't even know what that is.
  2. ATL1

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    Good interview
    Much Gamble weighs now.
    For all his faults Groh recruited well on defense his first year.
  3. awbuzz

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    Well done! (not that you need the accolades, but they are deserved)
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