Palate Cleanser: A Non-Bull**** Excellent Press Conference


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I watched it. I admire that guy for one does he remain so relentlessly focused at his age and with his resume?? He is in the 99.99999999999999% percentile in terms of drive to succeed. Most folks would have taken their foot off the gas a long time ago, myself included, Give me just two nattys and I am headed to the beach. Once I know I can do something , and do it well, I get bored with it pretty quick.

WTBS, based on my experiences with message boards...if he was a coach of a team that had won 10 games in 4 years, this exact same press conference (I mean word for word) would be dissected to shreds and probably be perceived in an entirely different manner. Conversely, if our coach had us in the hunt for the CF playoffs in his 4th year,he would be received in a different manner too. I saw it with CPJ here on the Swarm...he went from being a "straight shooter, no BS, tell it like it is" kind of guy to being " a curmudgeon, bad with the media, surly" individual. That transition correlated with the decline of his winning %.

All the perceptions and silliness (clothing, mannerisms, hair cuts, etc.) that get bandied about get conflated with the W-L record somehow or another. I respect and understand all the criticisms of Collins and his coaching abilities (or lack thereof). What I don't like is the juvenile and petty comments about his jeans, hairstyles, mannerisms, etc. Those (imo) are not relevant to a sports message board.