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16 under in 2 rounds??? I wonder what that would feel like. When I was younger, I was a member at a private club and played a lot of golf. Now I play 6 times a year on muni's due to relocation. 16 birdies would probably exceed my annual output in a good year with many rounds played. Interestingly enough, I was fairly consistent (for a weekend warrior) in hitting the short grass. Iron play was not great. just never gave myself many good opportunities.

I like the fact that guys in all sports are playing much longer in their careers (brady, James, etc.) There are several guys in their late 40's still playing very good golf. Westwood comes to mind. Makes me think JN's major record may in fact be broken one day. Guys will have approx. 3 decades to do it instead of 2 as in the past.