OK, #BCvsGT Postgame. BC wins 41-30


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Allowing the same "cover" corners and safeties to continuously play and not bench them is also a joke
2 years ago I thought for sure this backfield would have multiple draft picks. Now I'm just glad they are getting a great education. It'll do them good in the workforce


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Kennesaw state have any good assistant coaches? They are 9-1. Maybe hire a Grayson/ buford/ Hoover coach to be a coordinator?


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There has been nothing left unsaid. Changes need to be made.

We gave up their season average in yardage at halftime. We gave VT their season average at halftime. We gave up 600 yards in 3 quarters vs UVA. We gave up 42 points to Pitt. BC scored double their previous high in ACC play. We have had 5+ players have career days against us. We got the ball at midfield twice on failed onside kicks and went 3 and out and 4 and out. We ran on 3rd and 20+ then went for it at 4th and 19. We ran 25 seconds off the clock with two timeouts and under a minute in the first.

We are a bad football team and a bad program and I feel bad about it,
This is unacceptable in year 3. Defense has by far been my biggest disappointment with Collins. I figured offense would take some time but it has been the defense that has let us down the most.


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Only 3 pages. Apathy has really set in HARD when nobody cares to vent anymore lol

I can’t wait to continue to grow, continue to develop continue to battle continue to maximum effort continue to high levels continue to elite continue to create margin continue to build on this loss continue to unite continue to execute continue to continue though.