Official Brad Allen in now in the NFL


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Watching the PIT-NYG preseaon game and saw a familiar face. Brad Allen is now an NFL official. Moreover, he is also a referee. So not only will he be a rookie official, he will also be a rookie referee. As you might expect, that isn't common and apparently the last time that happened was in the early 1960s.

In case you are wondering why is this relevant to GT, Allen has been a referee in the ACC for the past nine years.

I wonder if Ron Cherry will ever make it to the NFL...


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That would be cool, would miss him doing the ACC games though.... "That's a five yawud penalty" :)

Forgot to mention in my notes... Ron Cherry was the head referee for yesterday's scrimmage. Unfortunately he wasn't mic'd. He made one chopblock call near the tail end of the scrimmage which I'm not sure any of the coaches noticed; the ball was set back at the same yard-marker.