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Offensive line situation after Bowling Green

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by Yaller Jacket, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. Yaller Jacket

    Yaller Jacket Helluva Engineer

    The guys we lined up yesterday looked awful smallish and young. What are the chances we will have the linemen we expected to be the starters all back by Louisville?
  2. TheSilasSonRising

    TheSilasSonRising Helluva Engineer

    They are all still coached by Sewak.

    Won’t matter. They will all still try to be biting ankles.
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  3. 33jacket

    33jacket Helluva Engineer

    you think this 11 year problem is going to magically change. Here is why it won't

    1) we don't recruit enough of them. We are always 3 light of where we should be
    2) CPJ runs an antiquated blocking scheme that requires guys on their bellies, so we can't recruit big movers that you see in modern zone block offenses. Its also why our pass pro sucks. We can't run our offense with more of a zone scheme but we don't. We are stuck in the 70s. You see, his system makes sense at small schools like navy and army, where you can't have big linemen due to restrictions. But at a school like tech you can, therefore, since good size does matter, and we can get that plus solid athletes, he can run a different OL scheme and IMO be more effective.
    3) mike sewak is coaching, despite rolling through many DC's, somehow, someway all the OL blown assignments are not on Sewak. So as a result, the OL will always be what it is. Perhaps the worst total unit on the field at any one time save this year, where I would argue the QB position is putting up a fight.
    All of that equals what you get:

    Having to play young inexperienced and small underclassman (points 1 and 2) in the 2 deep that can't find the right guy to block (point 3) and don't know how to pass block (point 2).

    Even our best OL, IMO would be 2x better in a zone scheme. He would maul people. And be drafted.
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  4. TheSilasSonRising

    TheSilasSonRising Helluva Engineer

    Sewak is the type that would try to train sharks to attack people by teaching them to swim on land.

    Yet, as said, he is totally untouchable. Beyond reproach.

    It makes no sense. Maybe he is just doing exactly what cpj wants. Which gets us to the real problem.

    And now add on the problem of just snapping the ball.

    Problems snapping the ball - think about that.
  5. kg01

    kg01 Get-Bak! Coach Featured Member

    One thing to add to this is the fact that OL play is bad everywhere, including most of the factories.

    Outside like 3 places, it's basically hit or miss. We're not on an island.

    It's been identified as a cfb-wide issue. Poor technique, poor talent assessment, on and on and on.

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