Ode to The 2015 Offseason


Ramblin' Wreck
Here, with apologies to Wm. Shakespeare, an

Ode to The 2015 Offseason

(Well, really not an actual ode - English classes nearly kept me out of The Institute and poetry was my biggest issue.)

Brothers and Sisters, give me your attention. I have come here to bury The 2015 Off Season and to praise it.

Today Fall Camp starts and The 2015 Off Season is over.

We have waited 212 days since JT knelt down in the Victory Formation to end the Orange Bowl. Spring
Camp gave us a brief respite, but afterward we were still left with 104 days to endure.

On the 100th day prior to kickoff, I started this thread. In my post I made a statement wishing away the time, eager for the end of the "wretched offseason" and looking toward the first game of 2015. The first step is here - today the air is sweeter, the sun brighter (good thing GT has the Brock facility) and everyone has a spring in their step. The 2015 Offseason is over. Tomorrow morning is the first practice and we have 34 days until Toe Meets Leather.

With the end of The 2015 Offseason, the 2015 Season gets underway. New information will begin to flow, Fan Day will come, scrimmages will be held and on what is sure to be a warm evening on September 3rd, the faithful will gather at Grant Field to cheer The Brave and Bold as the 2015 campaign begins in earnest.

Bear with me. My heart is in the coffin there with The 2015 Offseason, and I must pause till it come back to me.

Now that it is over, I am looking back at The 2015 Offseason and I have realized that it has been as good to me as the 2014 Season. The 11 wins in 2014 were fantastic. In 2014 GT won, and in the ACCCG lost, in a way that made The 2015 Offseason as special as the 2014 Season. After Smelter accidently failed to help run out the clock vs. UNC, GT nearly won out. Recriminations were scarce during The 2015 Offseason. Intercourse had more to do with what went right than what went wrong. I have had a warm and fuzzy feeling not felt since 1998. In The 2014 Offseason I had to step away from GT sports websites - this time I wanted more. So yes, The 2015 Offseason has been good to me.

If you have tears, prepare to shed them now.

In a small way I will miss The 2015 Offseason. I have enjoyed remembering the thrill of the 2014 victories without the threat of a loss to spoil it. The memories I have enjoyed this offseaon are awesome: Come from behind at VPI. The electricity at the Whiteout vs. duh U. Turnover fest at Pitt. Blowing out UVa in the cold. Leaving NCSU in the dust. Defensive scoring against Clempson. Winning against the mutts, and how it happened. Coming so close against F$U. The 3rd quarter of the Orange Bowl. My, oh my, what a way to end 2014. Then came signing day. Followed by minimal disappointing-attrition in players and coaches.

The 2015 Offseason was wretched, but this year the wretchedness had more to do with anticipating the 2015 Season rather than regrets from 2014.

Now we must move forward. With the schedule GT has in 2015, things will be exciting.

Here was an Offseason! When comes such another?

Now let it work. 2015 Season, thou art afoot.

Take thou what course thou wilt!



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Well said!


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Ramblin' Wreck
"There is a tide in the affairs of men". I think our ebb ended about the middle of last year.

The quiet emanating from east of Atlanta is what made the off season so enjoyable. They are worried, very worried that their flood tide passed just after last Thanksgiving and the planets won't align again for them for some time.